The saliva useless! See the search after sogou deal war experience


hunting contribute cloud reader, author: wang lei

tencent into sogou over the past month, a lot of people think sogou search technology combined with tencent strong channel combination, will bring significant change to the search market pattern, of course, some people don’t like sogou and tencent’s cooperation, think tencent do search are not successful, sogou won the support of not more than search business.

no matter how the industry view, sogou from tencent becomes unusually high, after the group against 360 began shirtless, wang is a death posture. But resounding voice can not bring share has increased, from tencent into sogou, the market share of 360 in baidu and before and after the eruption of sogou, unexpectedly rose, and rose up more than ever, in contrast, sogou’s market share was fall down in the recent half moon.

we see into the past 2013 years, 360 search market share in the center of the CNZZ data changes. CNZZ data not only do company, its core business to do the most website statistics background, statistics of each site visits every day, its search engine market share is accounted for by working backward traffic sources to market. CNZZ is the biggest company website statistics background, according to CNZZ their introduction, it has 2688956 registered users and site 5698362 statistics, statistics 6 billion PV, covering 90% of Internet users in a week. Its data is calculated based on large amount of data analysis, data than many companies through the investigation, such as sampling method is more comprehensive. CNZZ, meanwhile, is also a company cannot control, as early as in 2011 has been wholly owned acquisition, alibaba for three search engines have independence.

although has not finished in October, but as of October 22, 360 search in the past half a month has already reached 21.40% market share, according to the current trends, in October 360 search share should be near the data. So, 2.36% of the monthly growth rate is the highest market share growth in 360 to search a year for a month, but ironically, it is exactly a month tencent into sogou after a month. We see all search under the big three in this year’s trend:

blue is baidu, orange is 360 search, sogou search are shown in green. Picture was clear, the trend is needless to say, said the recent several key dates, from October 1 to October 7, the golden week, baidu’s market share is under 60%, baidu’s market share is less than 60% the longest days, on October 1, which is 58.74% of the fourth lowest point in history. On October 19, 360 search market share reached 22.82%, to record highs. On October 21, sogou’s market share is 7.84%, the lowest for almost four months, sogou market share dropped to below 10% in the last half month, first appeared in the course of the year so obvious downward trend.

not only search competing channels is technology

360 security guards, browser, search navigation mode, or wang claimed that the three-stage rocket, everybody won the feeling search mainly by channels. But in fact, the power of the channel is not can be ignored, but technology is the key to decide whether user factor. Although users may be because your channels, use your search engine, but if can’t meet the demand of his search for a long time, the user is bound to be lost. Search engine market are never lack of competition, with channels is not only the 360 and sogou, tencent has been with the channels of the nation’s largest number of users and products, but the search is not so successful. The rest of the youdao, people’s search, search, bing, Google also have others don’t have the resources, but also because of various reasons not to get market place.

search engine in the long run is a technical competition. My personal understanding of search engine technology relationship is as follows:

in the cloud, learning ability and understanding of the content of the crawler capacity is a key factor in determining the quality of search engine, and intelligent of the crawler need on the basis of a large number of the number of web crawling to gradually increase. And now is popular, too, are indicators of the crawler intelligent fuzzy search, when a user searches for a keyword, the crawler will according to the key words in the web and other key words frequency, to establish the relevance, thus in the search results. In the fuzzy search, baidu’s technique, called “close search”, sogou called “cube”.

although to some extent, the number of pages grab decide the intelligent degree of the crawler, but when the sample size after reaching a certain level, the gap will be more and more small, even can be ignored.

if the Angle to analyze from the user, the user can use search engines think there are three purposes, the first purpose is to get information, for example you will want to know the number of civil servants in Beijing in 2010, so you can clear your keywords, a match is found web pages, at this point, the user needs to belong to the long tail of web crawling number determines the user can find the information they want. For this, longest do search engine baidu is an advantage.

the second is addressing the class, such as you see the product will be advertising, but can’t remember the url, you should be the first in the search results only product will address.

the third is fuzzy, the user is only interested in a key word, but he couldn’t describe precise requirements or also don’t know accurate demand, in a nutshell, search engine is not possible to determine your needs, then the fuzzy the diversity of the search results page or search results when it becomes very important.

if we compare a “hermes” search results.

the first baidu search results screen shots

360 search results screenshot

sogou search results screenshot

from three search results, satisfy all demand for addressing the class is very good, is the first official website is presented. Demand for information class, such as those who want to get to know the brand, baidu and 360 search is given an address, better than that of sogou search results. Demand for fuzzy class, 360 search to meet the needs of other associated brands and the demand of online shopping, sogou meets the requirements of online shopping, baidu can well meet the requirements of store location. From the point of this result, personal feel 360 related to recommend more abundant, the main content is the network shopping needs. Baidu with mainly by addressing the demand of Internet users. Sogou is relatively more thin.

from technology to experience competition for fuzzy demand

since 2008, baidu launched Aladdin, will change the list of traditional style into a diversified search results, search box and thus become more universal, and is no longer a simple function of information retrieval. For this kind of special show effect, at present is also home to three main competing search engine link.

in 360 search, although foreign has claimed called “direct” products, internally as “onebox”, sogou although there is no foreign clear way, their internal call for this product “VR”, meaning to Visit Result, Visit the effect.

for this feature to show effect, the best help is fuzzy class requirements for the users, for example, I want to buy a car, for example is “mondeo”, I for the attention of this car must be various, including the configuration, price, dealers, when I search for the word does not know what I want to see clear, or I want to see anything.

let’s look at the search of the three effects:

the first baidu search results screen shots

360 search results screenshot

sogou search results screenshot

from the point of the term, baidu and 360 show the effect although the style is different, but the richness and correlation are doing well, who is hard to say who is better, and sogou, seem to be more attention on the advertisement, and on the right side of the sidebar in “hot spots” today’s module, some nonsense.

news is another common fuzzy search Internet users demand, is often the scene, heard in the users in the chat some anecdotes, return to the search engine to search, for example, we take the recent “a case of a slain seven people in ningxia,” for a user, can remember the number, can’t remember where, but the word “out” is certainly remember. Test in three search engines, search “out” to show the result of all is a movie, and in baidu and 360 search input box to search suggest, namely the search Suggestions, appeared the word out massacre, sogou did not give the suggestion. We look at the effect:

baidu search results screenshot

360 search results screenshot

sogou search results screenshot

for the word 360 search first tell this is a news, the news of the special effect on the top. Diversion baidu was paid more attention to their products, the first result and the second result is own wikipedia content, sogou also tell the news, the first results and article 4 of the search results news link is presented. But news features effect on some than in 360. But 360 did not reflect the display effect of video news, this point, baidu and sogou is better than 360.

since 360 to launch the search, medical search results have always been a key area of baidu and 360 competition. Users to search in the field of medical demand, less direct search of disease, and most is the body appeared some condition, and panic in heart, want to through search engines to find the answer, is a kind of typical fuzzy demand. The status of the user, for example, vomiting, but I don’t know is what reason, we compared the results

baidu search results screenshot

360 search results screenshot

sogou search results screenshot

after seeing the search result, have to admit that 360 led a few blocks in the health sector. Baidu and 360 appears as “confirmed” module, but 360 apparently more apparent, sogou is more emphasis on knowledge, I feel vomiting is a don’t need to explain words, I just want to know why I vomit.

to the user of the fuzzy demand analysis is an important link of competing search engine, but fuzzy demand is the hardest thing to do a link, each user there are huge individual differences, for different vocabulary, also don’t need to show the effectiveness and order is not the same, in the study of the need to search engine companies for a long time the meaning of words in each category and the potential demand of the user analysis, that is the internal work of the search. Although the saliva can let a company gain attention, but absolutely can’t get to the user. Although channels can lead to more users, the user experience is the key to search engines to compete. 360 the search market share rising, sogou unexpected decline in market share, should channel is not just that simple.