The rush to “away” Steve ballmer, Microsoft power or transfer at the end of the year

it is said that Microsoft’s board has drawn up a preliminary ballmer’s successor, and began its contact with the candidate. Microsoft is eager to determine by the end of the new CEO, ballmer’s departure, the new CEO.

according to the Microsoft board of directors to formulate new CEO candidate list includes a lot of people. And the board of directors has the following several people has carried on the preliminary discussion:

ford CEO Alan Mulally (Alan Mulally)

before nokia CEO Stephen Elop (Stephen Elop)

a former Microsoft executive Paul Mali’s (Paul Maritz)

Microsoft executives Tony Bates (Tony Bates)

the board of directors also with ebay CEO John donoghue huo (John Donahoe) contact, but he has refused to offer.

at the moment, there is no clear leading candidate.

to The people familiar with The Verge revealed: Microsoft to finalise new CEO candidates, because need a new CEO took office as soon as possible to complete a series of adjustment.

the first important adjustment is Microsoft’s internal restructuring. In July this year Steve ballmer of Microsoft announced the internal restructuring, split into four divisions: operating systems, applications and services, and calculation and the enterprise, equipment and studio. The current transition of uncertain factors, make this adjustment appears particularly hard, especially some of the head or the new CEO candidates are… Microsoft need to finalize the CEO candidate to stabilize the personnel structure, promote the adjustment plan. Only the new CEO, a series of hardware and software of the surrounding organizational change can truly implement.

the other Microsoft needs a new CEO to complete the acquisition and integration of nokia mobile phone business. Elop is Microsoft’s new CEO popular candidates on the one hand, on the one hand, in the purchase contract, he is going to Microsoft for expanding head of equipment department. The department include: nokia devices, XBOX, and a series of workshops.

only finalize Microsoft CEO candidates as soon as possible, in order to remove the uncertainty. And Microsoft to complete the acquisition time of nokia, in early 2014. From this point of view, if can finalize new CEO candidates at the end of this year, he will better lead the process of integration of nokia, Microsoft is conducive to the fusion of the two companies.

a bloomberg news thought, even if Microsoft to determine CEO before the end of the year, but also the implementation of the plan may be affected by other factors. Such as candidates your departure time from the original work, talks about pay, and so on.

however, Microsoft is underway to find a new CEO, and this process is faster than thought.