The return of the free operating system is apple’s early policy

for apple, free, its new operating system, OS X giant is nothing new. Precisely, is the return of the apple’s early strategy.

to return to the era of Free
Apple started early, periodic system update is free, but also allow redistribution. But with the launch of the Mac OS 8, 1997, apple stopped free update strategy of the system.
However nearly 16 years, apple’s return to the strategy. Reason is very simple, like apple’s software engineering executive Craig Federighi in Tuesday’s conference puts it – “for apple, the most important, the most hope is the giant can spread as far as possible.” Apple CEO cook later in a more intimate statement reiterated that view, “we hope everyone can enjoy the best apple experience”.
, as they claim to be apple hopes to giant on all Mac users can use this new system. There is no denying the fact that consumers do benefit in this strategy, but apple such as is not for the sake of consumers, the more important it is for their own long-term interests of consideration. In fact, provide free giant upgrade for the benefits of apple and strategic competitive advantage will be far more than simple gain profits by selling the new operating system.


free giant system more affinity and appeal for consumers, once the charge of the operating system provided free of charge, and now there are a few Mac users will not be tempted?


free giant system will no doubt greatly enhance the penetration of new system.

this and related platform developers for apple but couldn’t be better. The popularity of the new system will help apple and developers to focus on for the adaptation and the development of the new operating system, without distraction for past system version of the adapter.

but for users, free updates after the new system, you can learn more cool application, is, of course, the good news.

inevitable speculation analysis
Of course, there are poking fun at the voice of the question. BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk, “someone will always speculated that apple’s move is a new system in entice users to upgrade, and when the old equipment can not Hold the new system of preferences of the new system users will be more likely to be ‘ ‘by the way to upgrade the hardware, to buy the new Mac.” He also said, “apple has been depicted ‘most carried a new iOS device system for developers of all kinds of benefits. And now, the lead most notebooks, desktop users over to the new giant system, also have similar benefits.”

integration: complete product experience

free giant system will promote the integrity of apple products experience, the perfect combination of hardware and software will provide a better experience. Last year, the CEO cook once said, “apple is committed to the integration, it is a lot of manufacturers won’t try. Apple hardware and software, and will be of good service perfect combination. As a result, consumers don’t have to go to contrast to distinguish which kind of hardware which system/software match more praise, they only need to care about the user experience is good enough.” At the same time, as long as the user experience enough good, want to come and people don’t mind to spend a little money to improve the use of comfort.

overall, apple’s operating system is free to promote excellent means hardware devices. And that is what apple return free system strategy.

the Gartner research firm executives Carolina Milanesi spoke of “in an interview with the All things Digital (apple) a measure aimed at through free system for hardware value-added, and attractive to provide comprehensive experience. With the software and applications, hardware devices to become clever and dynamic, to build the perfect ecosystem of software and hardware, long retain users.”
Actually this kind of “integration” train of thought is with apple iOS system used for mobile terminal on the strategy. Provide free giant system is applied on an apple on your iOS strategy of transplant – as long as buy the corresponding equipment and the operating system is free, instant upgrade is free of charge. System software/operating system, the future will be some free upgrade also became the consumers to purchase one of the “standard” considerations of hardware devices. According to the cook, now purchase Mac, users will be able to enjoy the perfect Mac ecosystem, and can continue to enjoy the apple the most high-quality service. And this kind of experience, it is nowadays more and more for consumers to pay attention to. Other competitive giants such as Google are also to provide free software to create comfortable experience.

points of software and hardware sales time draws near

Yankee Group executives, Carl Howe said “selling hardware and software respectively and expect users to install” time has GaoJie. Microsoft is now finally a separate operating system and hardware equipment sales company. , he said, “I believe that users will soon realize that each purchase of software and hardware is a match for his car on different company production of engine and transmission (- apparently it is not fit, do not take tone too).”

note: giant Mac OS7 since 1991 years after the first free operating system. Allegedly OS X 10.1 has been provided free of charge, but the time limit for a month.