The reason of the decline of SONY: miss the unmanned alternative akio morita

the author: guang-hua zhang

Beijing time on April 23, February 20 this year Japan’s Sony (Sony) in New York released a new generation of the PlayStation 4 (PS4), resulting in the “no shadow machine” trick, incredibly only touch panel and Dual Shock 4 control handle, not physical host, market competitiveness is waning.

momentum and creativity, as rival

this is the PS3 listed in 2006, SONY’s first launch of the new game console, it can shorten the download time games and films, also can real-time streaming, game for players to “watch” to each other and interact in the game, but also in each other to leave a message on the screen. Another new feature is ripped through a “remote control” function, in a timely manner to the game content streaming into the PS Vita handheld game consoles.

these relative to the PS3 functionality improvements, although also can be used and mobile phones and tablet computer integration, but still limited to SONY game system, to pay $400 to $500 for the host, in addition to buy for $40, 50, game CARDS, in the digital and Internet popularization, mobile phones and tablet (in fact both has gradually merged into one) and coquettish, under the condition of the traditional model of game systems can also call the glory of the past? This includes nintendo Wii U and June at E3 game show will launch a new generation of Xbox.

just a year ago, Hirai (Kazuo Hirai, the new Sony CEO) standing on the stage to the world announced: “the time is right for Sony to change!” (” The time for Sony to change is now “), a year later than The Sony and a “no shadow machine”, in New York than samsung package under “Radio City Music Hall,” release The Galaxy S4, The sexual revolution several new products and New York play step lap dance set each other off of The classic attractions, from imposing manner and The creativity, Sony is not samsung rivals.

SONY since a transistor radio to attack the north American market, has been as a consumer electronics leader position of dominating the world market for decades, its type Trinitron TV once with the advantage of high quality, high price beyond the American brand Zenith. The RCA. MOTOROLA, later, Walkman is dominating music Walkman market for 20 years. Electronic when it and nintendo cooperation after the end of the game, to develop the new PlayStation, r Replaced the game at that time big coffee Saga, has simply disappeared from the market, but also the nintendo almost crammed into hell, and later into a market and Microsoft’s Xbox and nintendo’s Wii situation of the three pillars of the three game companies are the enemy but the rise of online games and mobile games, the environment is not comparable to the former.

Sony electronics and gaming system for failing to digital, failed to grasp the Internet e-commerce opportunities, 14 years since the great international vision and leadership after the death of akio morita, almost no innovative technology products, technology breakthrough products appear in every six months now era, Sony was one of the most successful electronic products company, has the loudest market brands (Sony), but because the complacent, backward technology research and development, the result like many other well-known companies (recent examples like MOTOROLA and nokia), he was tripped by his own success. And worked and suffered a series of jobs I wizards series products of invasion, SONY will be able to survive until now already very not easy.

the digital age, and not spent his first

the SONY, the highest peak in the career once the U.S. real estate speculation, also has bought Columbia pictures, later took over the metro-goldwyn-mayer (MGM) film, eight movie companies in the United States accounts for a quarter, but encountered some difficulties at the beginning is the investment, including labels later, because the Japanese executives don’t have the conditions of business of management culture, not to mention cross-cultural exotic career. Later to the former CBS british-born American Howard Stringer (Howard Stringer) is responsible for the U.S. market, successfully revive movies and music department, such a feat made him the first ever, head of the Japanese group, in 2005 took over SONY group President and CEO.

and high-profile PlayStation developers for more good wood not only surprise exits, and with Mr Idei, ando steam out of the board of directors, the end of the era of Mr Idei. The move to SONY actually faced another crisis of enterprise culture, how can a western media management professionals handle corporate Japan mountain culture (New York times called The Silos), eight years of stringer proved there’s no way to overcome this layer obstacle, and SONY in innovation and technology greatly behind The United States and other countries in east Asia (mainly in South Korea and China), The phenomenon is not only a SONY company, actually but all Japanese electronics industry suffered The same fate.

a feature in April last year, according to the New York times: “How the Tech making Passed Sony by” the latest data and a year, we can review the Sony management policy in recent twenty years of lost and missed a lot of opportunities. SONY since 2008 have been losses, with the American media business for si Jin Gegen this cannot bring the huge impact of a wide group into a new era of science and technology. In fact, he even can’t fully implemented, internal integration of many products can’t maintain the original advantage.

SONY missed the biggest opportunity is failed to advance revolutionary insight into the digital and Internet era, for example, in a Walkman, dominating the Walkman market by SONY’s research and development capabilities and marketing network, it can be easily developed in the mid 90 MP3 or iPod, even until the MP3 products flooding the market, in 2001, apple introduced the iPod across areas, it can take out the digital sound instruments, but not how long just because mode of copyright and is not compatible with MP3 and withdrawn from the market.

and SONY Ericsson to produce the 9 “series of mobile phone, was the first to have intelligent function of high-end mobile phone, touch screen, and many other big when it could iPhone marketing efforts to marketing, and strengthen the research and development advantage. SONY has the highest brand awareness and the best global marketing network, has watched it music walkman, the only apple products, and to surrender the high-end smartphone market opportunities.

no new ideas, competitive decline

it’s core product type Trinitron TV once popular all over the world, although the price is a little bit higher, but also could not prevent consumer buying enthusiasm, but not a few years, LCD TV listings, innovative new technology not only to create new TV and low price, wait for SONY to follow up, the price is 2-3 times of others. Later, Korea produces beauty and inexpensive parity in television completely let SONY TV staggered, so to speak. But its new CEO insists that TV is the core of Sony products, “It is part of Sony ‘s DNA”.

SONY electronic products also have a big head, all electronic products have many types, such as TV has more than 20, and their products are often rejected, serious and even kill each other. But on the other hand, all Japanese electronics companies seem to have no longer is the leader in science and technology, they almost edge, there’s not a new idea. Again for the latest case, when the samsung launched Gallexy S4 has progress to suspended gestures, eye control operation, SONY has unveiled a Xperiaz mobile phones, although there are suspended gestures function, advertising is the main waterproof function, could you tell me how many people to buy mobile phones will be used under the thought of to get to the bottom, can be washed or cell phone? Perhaps only the fisherman or the divers who are interested in!

akio morita in his era, corporate Japan is probably the most enterprises with international view and English ability, he knew that the American culture and advertisement marketing doorways, so can make Sony one of the world’s top brands, are entering the United States led the Sony music and film industries, become the media giant. His cheerful and elastic style, making it the most attractive and popular in the United States of one of the Japanese. SONY products noble texture, forward-looking function, quality assurance almost all originated in his leadership. But after his death no one can inherit and akio morita, wisdom and charm, not only have no new ideas, even unable to carry out internal integration, SONY’s decline is not some people say that the Japanese yen appreciation fast 20 years ago.

source: sohu IT