The price of $1000 in the App Store application. What’s behind the business strategy?

the New York times recently wrote analyzes the pricing of $1000 in apple’s App Store application behind the business strategy. The following is the main content of the article.

not all applications are free or only 99 cents. A few developers will be priced their application for $999.99, the price is the application in the apple store price ceiling.

these high application goal is professional market, such as some application is for piano tuner and an anesthesiologist such professionals to provide services. Also some developers aim is willing to pay a big price get special service consumers, such as the law students to prepare the bar exam, or housekeeper or bodyguards.

according to the analysis of the company Distimo statistics, as of January this year, there are 30 such application in the App Store.

take a look at these high prices below the strategy behind the application.

1. CyberTuner


like Reyburn Piano Service company (Reyburn Piano Service) such a small software company, professional application products for their distribution provides a simple way. Since 1983, the restaurant in Michigan Cedar Springs (gather Springs, Mich.) the company’s sales have been packaged piano service software, but in about a year ago, the company introduced a special application – CyberTuner for piano tuner.

“it is a small market, that is why we will be the price of this application shall be so expensive. Those who need it will be special need, they will be willing to pay big money.” The company’s founder, Dean raeburn (Dean Reyburn) said, “we absolutely impossible to sell a lot of the software, so we can’t put it at $50 or $100.”

Mr Raeburn declined to disclose sales figures, but he said the small market, in the industry is about more than 4000 piano tuner – enough to maintain like Reyburn cottage industry company.

2. IVIP Black


iVIP Black was known as the “millionaire application”, relying on the program provides the privilege service to attract those with deep pockets. IVIP co., LTD., headquartered in London, the company not only requires iVIP Black members pay a $1000, and ask them to prove their net worth more than 1 million pounds ($1.5 million).

the application to the user to provide special service from different partners (e.g., butler, private jets, private yacht and bodyguards) or discount.

“we hope the main service object value iVIP, unique and save as much as you can – people can apply for our membership, but we can also refuse.” IVIP founders Matthew luo (Matthew Rowe) said, “our price is quite stiff, because we provide the best service.”

even so, Matthew, are trying to launch the price lower iVIP Black version, this version is $149, and there is an attempt to provide some service free version.

Matthew, says Mr Luo iVIPBlack now has more than 150000 members, but he declined to disclose how many paying customers. IVIP’s main challenge is to keep close relationship with 100-150 partners, this relationship is constantly changing.

3. BarMax


Mehran harvard law school graduates, ai and DORA (Mehran Ebadolahi) and his partner, hope to find a cheaper way to prepare the bar exam. As a result, they launched in January 2010 the app – BarMax, it can provide the user with harvard law professor’s lecture, hundreds of questions about the bar exam and answer, also is able to provide users with from passed the bar exam provides the personal papers of feedback.

“the bar exam preparation course for 40 years has been monopolized by some people, there was a company of course fee of $4000.” Ai, DORA said. “our idea is to use technology to break the barriers and geographical barriers money.”

BarMax has several versions, including California and New York bar exam specifically for version, there is also a interstate bar exam service version, for $499.

ai TestMax of DORA founded the company is located in Santa monica, California, the company also sells a provide LSAT (law school entrance examination) service application, priced at $349.

source: tencent technology