The person! Cookies are not a scourge

author: jian-ping lei Ke-xin wang

any every coin has two sides, netease and interaction between the product friend will focus on the customer’s “good words” use CCTV 315 investigations on personnel, not only failed to improve sales performance, also caused their in deep crisis of public opinion and even the entire Internet marketing industry.

in CCTV 315 party spotlight, not only as a media, netease inadvertently been onto the stage, and all the friends to interact, easy to media, hundred million, easy, and overflow the digital advertising company flat Taiwanese “fire” a handful of: suspected by Cookie steal the user information. Internet company relishes the precise marketing seemingly are suffering a big crisis.

at that time, Cookie, widely known as the tool, this is the Internet almost non-expert users recognized to steal a scourge of its users over their privacy. Tencent technology report CCTV 315 party exposure Internet companies suspected of using Cookie stealing personal privacy, a large number of users in tencent weibo, expressed great concern for them.

what is a Cookie? Whether like netease, friendly interaction and other market claim to articles of hundreds of millions of users’ personal privacy? The exposure and what far-reaching influence on the future? Tencent technology visited involved enterprises CEO and industry experts, hope to non-expert users see after need not produce unnecessary panic, industry users can reflect the new marketing strategy in the future.

what is a Cookie?

Google company in weibo released the wikipedia interpretation of cookies. Cookies (Cookies) the plural form, Chinese name is called small text files or Cookies, refers to certain sites in order to identify the user identity and stored in a local terminal user (Client Side) on the data (usually encrypted). Cookie is generated by the server, sent to the user-agent browser (usually), the browser will Cookie keyalue saved to a text file in the directory, the next time you request the same website the Cookie is sent to the server (only if the browser is set to enabled cookies). By the former employees of netscape Lou Montulli invention in March 1993.

in the Internet, the application of Cookie can be seen everywhere:

cookies can keep the login information to the user and the server session next time, next time when you access the same web site, users will find don’t have to enter the user name and password already login (of course, do not rule out the user manually delete cookies), in order to simplify the login procedures; “Shopping cart” e-commerce site, the user may be in for a period of time within the same site choice of different commodities in different pages, this information will be written to Cookies, in order to extract information in the final payment.

do you often go online to see cars, for example, when you search for ferrari, displays the search results are ferrari cars, rather than a ferrari. For example, some e-commerce sites in the “guess you like” function will need to use cookies.

cookies: steal the debate on privacy tool

this is a hot debate in many countries.

at the CCTV 315 party, “Cookie tracking leak privacy as a” shocking infringement.

friends first exposure is interactive. CCTV reporter in a tall building in Beijing chaoyang district office to find friends interaction, director of the company big customers zhang jie on the spot, according to the product friend interaction, like a spider web, no matter where the user, can catch user. According to zhang jie, product friends interaction the 570 million can capture the Internet cookies.

volatile exposure media boasts more than 300 million Internet users Cookie data; Easy communication, YiWeiYi movement boasts 500 million netizens Cookie data; The overflow company and easy online boasts 900 million cookies; Interact with product friends, these companies get the user Cookie, basic it is done by add code in other sites.

fine century technology co., LTD. Sales staff to recognize told CCTV 315 investigations, “as long as get cookies, including the user’s mobile phone number, who is the user, the phone can know how much.”

central cites in 315 reported that netease company east channel, the director of the centre for hereafter, netease can see the user’s email, once to analyze user habits and send accurate advertising. Network users through various means to obtain detailed information, this can make the company can more accurately to advertise. For example, users have stock account to reply some email, netease can according to the mail content analysis of the user’s financial customers, and for them to put some advertising.

a technology that netease sales staff description is wrong, actually could not see a single user data, but done automatically by machines. Netease aspects in response to said: “we are in the sales department for the specification, to avoid exaggerated propaganda, misleading.”

companies statement since, as well as executives receive tencent said in an interview with view of science and technology, Internet marketing company sales staff is likely to be exaggerated description in order to compete for business.

“if by collecting user information is to improve the user experience by tracking user behavior, bring more convenience to users, it is reasonable. If use collect user information for profit or resale, it is illegal to the nature. Another dimension, on the interpretation of information and consider whether a user information leakage of a national standard.” A long engaged in the Internet investment, he says, is technically, if it is in view of the massive user information analysis of the behavior, this does not touch to a single user information.

“through cookies, Internet companies know what you like, but don’t know who you are.” This is perhaps the Cookie and its application in precision marketing is the most appropriate description.


industry to establish privacy standards

the seemingly CCTV 315 party exposure will not bring a material impact on relevant websites.

billion company, beauty, friendly interaction and other CEO in tencent in an interview with science and technology, have denied this was CCTV exposure will affect the company’s business. Circle of the Internet, they say, understand the rules of cookies, investors to better understand what is the effect of cookies, and won’t lose faith in the company, accurate advertisement is the trend in the future.

maybe, for these big data analysis based marketing company, the Revelations should more pressure from the capital pressure.

blog fang xingdong, founder of China’s tencent micro interview, said the media reports of Cookie, one-sided, simplification and demonize reported user unnecessary panic, is not conducive to recognize and solve the problem.

, analysts said the influence of public opinion and ideological formation to the market management of conduction lethality of the industry more than 315 CCTV reported.

is need to emphasize that in foreign countries, Google, amazon, Facebook also benefit from the collection and analysis of user behavior, to come up with the best business experience. This is the Internet subversion of traditional media “advertisers know half the advertising cost is wasted, but it didn’t know which half is wasted” core competitiveness.

in the domestic, alibaba, jingdong big development data but also rely on a Cookie support. Many commercial websites generally used cross-site tracking and Cookie tracking methods to collect, analyze data on the user’s online activities, so as to realize the precise AD delivery.

fang xingdong said that cookies are effective and reasonable use, is the advantage of the Internet, is also the value of the Internet, absolutely can’t simplify the Cookie problem, and to do is to prevent abuse, rather than not.

after the W3C released “no trace” (DNT, the Do Not Track) draft standard, according to the draft standard, the user can choose sites are banned from tracking. Microsoft and the European Union have announced in October to support the standards, Google also announced that support the standard at the end of 2012. In other words, the user can have the right to choose whether to choose to be a Cookie records.

a advertising industry to tencent technology, points out that if the user explicitly banned Cookies tracking, site continue to get the user information at this time, obviously is violation of user behavior. Normal circumstances, the website can be fetching user information such as gender, age, should blow is to collect user privacy, including QQ number, name, id card, passport and other information. In most cases, the user welcome Cookies to track, but in what needs to be clear privacy standards.

to inform and remind

a technology that the use of cookies users and merchants together to be paid more attention. In order to protect users’ privacy, each big web site should not be injected code for cookies, easily make the advertisement at the same time inform users might get what information users.

innovation works CEO lee believe, according to the email (or other user information) on the precise advertising and personalized experience, this is for the use of most of the email (including Google) technology, is controversial, but it is not a netease. Recommend that all mail box: 1) to inform the user that information is used, 2) promised not to abuse information, 3) provide the do not track option (to protect privacy, but to give up precision advertising and personalized experience).

for users, can be set up through the browser to clear cookies:

1. Click on the browser toolbar above the “tools” menu.

2. In the open the drop-down list, click on the “Internet options”

3. In the open the pop-up menu click “delete button”

remove flash cookies:

1. Click on “start” button of the operating system, and then click “control panel”

2. In the open “control panel”, click on the “Flash Player”

3. In the open “flash player Settings manager”, select the “storage”, then click “delete all” button

4. Finally select “delete all site data and Settings”, then click “delete data” button to go

5. Select the “cookies and web data, other items can not selected, then click the delete button below. Wait about 10 seconds, can appear deleted successfully.

source: tencent technology