The penguin Facebook: hold themselves and others, I copied my happy

for Facebook, the so-called innovation than successful copied to others. 1.1 billion the number of active users, Facebook is fully capable of becoming a powerful “followers”. It doesn’t have to the competitor’s new applications or new services and worried, because Facebook can “have it both ways,” watch innovator development prospects. And once it is found that the opponent’s innovation to develop its own sphere of influence, that Facebook will not hesitate to hold to, or purchase directly. Objective, Facebook launched a variety of “shanzhai” application or service, also is under the actual situation of the smart (acquisition Instgram poke, launch Snapchat application). No matter what functionality it replicates, Facebook is only one: the purpose of doing that to maintain and expand the user community, to build a one-stop platform.

Facebook’s path of “shanzhai”

count Facebook recently introduced some new application, it is easy to find the “social empire” is clearly a lack of independent innovation ability of the country. The latest function, is clearly copied from Twitter. Earlier function, is basically a copycat version of the Vine. Even Facebook check-in, is also considered to imitate the Foursquare.

maybe someone would laugh at Facebook weak innovation ability, but it has been proved that for an Internet company with a large user base, rather than risk beyond yourself, you might as well do a conservative imitators. Facebook Home is the application of independent innovation, but some people really want to use it? (see) the innovation of the painful experience, let Facebook willing to become a powerful follower.

in this regard, copying others’ innovation capabilities, is not only safe, but also a wise choice.

look at apple, we will all see. Portable music player is not apple original, smart phones and tablets is not what independent innovation products, but still with apple “imitation +” means, for the mobile devices in the market most of the profits. Innovation is an adventure, and also not necessarily can bring the corresponding returns to the brave. Although shanzhai others reputation, can they keep winners in a dilemma, continue to reap huge “interest”.

digital everything

although Facebook realized there are a lot of ways, but based on the number of users of advertising revenue, is it worthy of the name of the printing press. Although the industry hopes of bad-mouthing Facebook development prospects in the era of mobile voice, but the reality is, in the field of the social tycoon has been in the field of mobile suction gold. According to January Facebook2013 quarterly results show that, the company from mobile income has gone up from 23% last year to 30%. In addition, in the 1.1 billion active users of Facebook, two-thirds of the people are using a mobile terminal check-in.

obviously, has a strong base of Facebook users, simply by improving the user experience to maintain its current status, this is enough to make it continue to dominate social fields. It is not necessary to completely braved the risk of failure to transcend yourself, copy the success of others is the most safe knowing that choice.

“money” bet

when the competition to develop enough attention, Facebook could easily through acquisitions to defuse the crisis. Behind a steady stream of IPO financing so that it can rest easy, deal or no deal to complete their purchase plan.

my personal development prospects for the future of Facebook, optimistic. Profound social user base, let Facebook at the top of the “food chain”, it always has the ability to kill the potential risks in the cradle. For those successful innovation from competitors, Facebook, in most cases, can copy, quietly in their place. Even the acquisition, the deep pockets of social big brother, also has always been swallowed a mouthful of a leader in the field of money.

on the innovation strategy, Facebook and Microsoft are quite different. Microsoft phase after a company, often won’t take the acquisition method. It into other enterprise and the “blood” of his slowly penetrating in the enterprise. This “invasion and infiltration” strategy (parter – and – the extend) let Microsoft has their own fate and bull “lame horse” tied together. And those by Microsoft in big companies, such as nokia, yahoo, dell, Barnes, often is sinking into the predicament of the development of itself.

however, Facebook if you want to continue to fake others to innovate, so ensure high financial support and improve user experience, is crucial.