The PC industry decline Dell transforming to the cloud


recently by dell in Enstratius is one of the more noted cloud management software supplier. Enstratius was Gartner Research ( gartner research) named on the market the most innovative ability of start-ups.

after the acquisition, dell can be in a new way to provide end-to-end cloud solutions. For the enterprise to provide solutions is part of the dell the transformation plan. Depends on its mass transformation plan, dell hopes to get rid of the personal computer vendor role constraints, deep into the software field, grasp the opportunities for development. But at present, many companies are reconstructed data center. Cloud storage management under the concept on the more flexible automatic, for dell, Enstratius cloud applications is provided many development opportunities.

Minneapolis of Enstratius is established in 2008 years, in order to provide a single or the cloud management service to give priority to. The company swept the private, public and hybrid platform management of cloud services. Enstratius for the emerging of the conversation field has a profound insights. ( the conversation represents the developers to organic synthesis and operation ability.) Enstratius special offers automatic application supply and extension, configuration management, usage, and the cloud monitoring.

Enstratius support SaaS and local operation mode. based on the addition of the flexibility of simple and easy to add cloud group, the company can support more than 20 a public or private cloud platform, including it, VMware, too, amazon’s Web Services Azure.

which Enstratius unique. The company’s technology can assist clients to manage to arrange their own deployment structure. Enstratius team to equipment management cloud is ingenious and best way to have a full understanding.

dell frequent in its cloud strategy under the guidance of action. 12 at the end of the year, dell launched Fast PaaS project. The project with the Sputnik project (for developers Linux laptop), and Crowbar open source cloud processing framework project and so on all is the new dell cloud lab consists of the project. Among them, Crowbar to create the purpose is to support its cloud platform management and distributed infrastructure products.

Fast PaaS project can be the delegate of dell is currently made innovation. For large enterprises, the high profits of large transaction is the foundation of this. The Enstratius just can by providing differentiated services for dell to provide help to the development of the current. however, in the end, perhaps the most important thing is that dell is attracting innovative talents. Industry analysis company RedMonk Michael Cote it is the main development behind dell cloud strategy. Barton Geoge is leading the Sputnik project, aims at providing a developer with a special notebook. Via the Enstratius purchase, dell also attract to many influential people in the field of cloud community. Enstratius Geoge Reese O ‘reilly one of the authors, is also a pioneer in the field of cloud. His supporters have James Urquhart, Bernard Golden and John Willis , all the clouds in the field of community.

dell has found its hardware business, no longer market Research firm Rishidot Research Krishnan Subramanian said. In succession in the acquisition of Qeast Software , Gale Technologies , and Enstratius , dell is now the state of the is very suitable for transformation.