The Obama administration requires operators are free to remove the user mobile phone contracts binding agreement

yesterday, the national telecommunications information administration (NTIA) to the federal communications commission (FCC), application, hope the government can formulate relevant laws, to limit the telecom operators launch mechanism of binding contracts.

NTIA said in a statement: “operators to in a certain period of time, the user forced to stay in their own platform, launched a strict contract mechanism. Those who breach of contract, terminate operators and users of the service, will pay a high cost. Government should not only choose to terminate the contract with legal form for consumers “backing”, more should require the existing operators unconditionally (free) allows users to freely choose ISP platform.”

in addition, NTIA also pointed out that the operators have an obligation to help the user to remove contract, or by authorized allows users to switch to other ISP platform. In this process, the operator should keep absolute transparency.

in fact, the event does not let a person feel shocked. Some in the White House website as early as last spring, the protests on the BBS, launched a petition. Petition with the surge in the number of (114000), the Obama administration said it would comply with public opinion, and can instruct the relevant departments to solve this problem as soon as possible. Today, according to a report in the Wall Street journal, the United States a few politicians are also involved in NTIA petition. Professional personage analysis, prodded by the government, public opinion, the user will soon get rid of the annoyance contract system.