The nuggets mobile electricity: millions of merchants on taobao phone

August 22, hunting cloud network news, a few days ago, come from the cell phone taobao the latest data released by the second quarter of 2013, in the wireless terminal turnover accounted for more than 10% of the country’s overall sales, taobao sellers number has reached 1.1 million, up 489% from a year earlier. Wireless trading accounts for more than 30% than the PC in the number of taobao sellers reached 339000, up 412% from a year earlier.

taobao ladies sellers’ home “by micro tao played the C2B reverse order. Taobao micro channel tao see by mobile phones, “li” in the tao has 360000 “attention”, the fall and winter launched by the merchants by micro channel for ladies’ choice of voting, very not good-looking, like it or not all by the user in charge. The content of this activity is surprisingly high, average every article has hundreds of users interact with comments.

phone taobao, says hsiao, head of electronic commerce in the era of mobile Internet game is changing: this change isn’t just a way of sellers sell things, also including buyers shopping way. “Users want to be able to get one thousand thousand the individualized life experience, we also hope to be able to give businesses provide a rich tool that help businesses make the most suitable for mobile phone user experience content, the user’s heart.”

he is specialized in mobile phone on taobao do “buy” a talent people, its public accounts “worth of small things” dedicated to the user through micro channel for recommend some taobao have cost-effective products, the data showed last month, guided by his account turnover has breakthrough millions. “I have found that many users are cell phone taobao client before bed, and then to visit I recommend commodities, I often joked that mobile phone taobao is a let a person may lie to make money artifact”.

mobile electricity brings new opportunities will no longer have the difference between the developed cities and small cities, wireless taobao sellers all over the country for the mobile Internet brings new opportunities have obvious difference. But from the perspective of the data of mobile phone taobao, frontier and western areas such as Tibet, guangxi, yunnan, guizhou and other regions, taobao sellers in the wireless the growth rate is not weak in 3 and other first-tier cities and coastal areas.

phone taobao, according to data in wireless throughout all the provinces in the growing number of taobao sellers, largest rise in guangzhou province, June 2013, guangzhou wireless sellers reached 51.5, a 48.5% growth in December 2012. But in the area of rank 2-10 and see the Beijing and tianjin pond or areas such as jiangsu, the Tibet autonomous region, guangxi zhuang autonomous region, yunnan, hainan, fujian, guizhou, shaanxi, qinghai and gansu province in 9 provinces increase 2 to 10.

the development of mobile e-commerce completely let merchants to abandon the regional difference, even the phone taobao early development, the rapid development stage in the coastal developed cities, the national frontier provinces gradually become sellers growth fertile soil.