The notes on “QQ” stillborn

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

on August 15, tencent low-key products – QQ online cloud notes notes. Official described is a QQ note a cross-platform notes application, the user can on the web and android, iOS platform implementation notes of the new, edit, and synchronization. With the domestic youdao cloud notes notes very similar on the function and the impression.

launched the WEB version of the user of the day only simple text notes entry, but in which you can add some accessories, images and fast screenshots, etc; Android, iOS, notes are unable to find a version of the QQ download entrance.

Are talking about the QQ note

the outside world in the future can shake youdao cloud notes and impressions notes in the domestic market position, and quietly closed the QQ note version WEB page, instead of a “recent will open closed application, stay tuned. Comment is generally believed that this is tencent to oven reengineering of product, to function more perfect open again after experience.

on September 5, that is, from the QQ notes open experience after 15 days, for the first time I go to again, “you haven’t got the certificate of private beta. Recent will open closed to apply for, please look “of the clues, hence ask tencent internal personnel to experience. And then from the notes of the QQ group of a developer mouth learned the news that the author shocked: QQ notes program has to end.

it is in the closed beta has been stillborn. Tencent cloud notes are prepared to give up the market, or plans to make notes to affiliate product internal function in some call the fist products?

now in QQ mailbox has a class notes “notepad” product, but because it is to belong to a mailbox embedded service, product path path is too deep, and can’t work products into the real cloud notes. To pay attention to recently in network backup capacity war out of the limelight “tencent micro cloud”, if the cloud notes as a function of its affiliated will have a good imagination: 10 t storage capacity, plus online documentation, notes editing features, is the icing on the cake.

“QQ notes” incorporated into the child a fist products situation just as I guess, of course, also don’t rule out the possibility of tencent the cloud notes market entirely. Tencent in 2011 to introduce a kind of Pinterest products “read figure, known as the world” (, the product also is almost in the case of is still in the semi-finished product was abandoned, has been unable to access.