The Nexus 4 crazy price $100! 8 g version sells for $199

Nexus 4 price!

log in Google Play, search the Nexus series equipment, you will find the Nexus 4 has become one of the greatest good and inexpensive devices. The 8 gb Nexus 4 for $199, or about 1210 yuan ($299) original; 16 gb Nexus of 4 for $249 (us $349) original price.

published on November 13, 2012, the Nexus of 4, at the time with the latest version of Android 4.2 native system experience, and qualcomm Xiao dragon S4 Pro quad-core processors, seen by many as superior products in Android. However, because this phone is because of the lack of 4 g LTE (many smartphones contain this by default) to blame.

professional analysis, the price cut, means that Google is going to launch a new generation of Nexus smartphones.

although the Nexus (4) in the configuration has to be comparable to the flagship leading mobile phone (LG G2 carry is qualcomm many new top chip, in September 800 will pick up the chip), $199 of ultra-low prices, will let the Nexus of 4 in the final burst into the most dazzling ray. Echocardiography action, because it is very likely in this evening, the Nexus of 4 existing inventory is sold out.

due to reasons known to all, the Nexus of 4 is not listed in China. But want to overseas act as purchasing agency, user can select or directly turn to omnipotent big taobao…