The next generation program luca brasi

on May 5, hunting cloud network news

the next hot application is likely to come from the hand of high school girls!

on May 2, the author interviewed four when the green girl, Kira Becker, Emily Moschella, Tara Abrishami and Anna Venetianer. They are less than 16 years old, but are quite accomplished program luca brasi.

the four girls had spent five months developing a software called Navi Car. They go to school at Thomas Jefferson high school for science and technology, the high school is a recruit in Washington, dc, outstanding student’s school. However, since the entrance, the girls commuting problems met a lot of trouble. They all have their own extracurricular activities, such as tennis, athletics, watching movies, but in the current traffic entrance after much inconvenience.

as a result, the girls decided to develop an android application to solving the problems of their commute. Since January, they spend the afternoon with the weekend time for design. The MIT App Inventor the free development tools, with the help of the girls will this vision into reality.

application, solving the immediate problems

not everyone can bad to make an application to solve various problems encountered. Apes, however, for the next generation program or programs are gentle, “write a software to solve the problem” this thinking perhaps has become second nature.

“science and technology more and more within reach, I am sure the future people will be needed in the present and their development and application.” Venetianer said.

the girls in the teacher’s encouragement to participate in the named Technovation Challenge. The game is designed for high school girls program design competition. Girls conquer team for the Round of APPlause, was chosen as the global top 10 before the final. On Thursday, they will bring their works, in the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco to meet the final.

although this is only a girl contestants program design contest held quite clearly revealed gender differences in the field of computer science, but the girls said they do not feel they are doing is particularly innovative.

program luca brasi: no longer rare?

“in our community, everyone is to support us. Many other girls high school is generally interested in computer science and technology.” Abrishami said. ‘I guess many people admire us, but should have no people think that this sort of thing is very special. “

as a high school student, now the girls haven’t decided whether the future career in computer science. But if the written application for a new generation, like to this a few girls in the simple and feasible, the program design of the future will be very bright.