The next generation of Microsoft operating system, Windows Blue as early as may be issued at the end of the summer

a lot of people think that the Windows is not so popular. But according to Microsoft’s official is given, according to the accumulated has sold more than 1 set of the latest version of the desktop operating system. 1 month, upgrade the Microsoft operating system, and have a 6000 upgrade, Windows users are increasingly accustomed to using Windows store, in the past six months, the App download volume exceeded 2.5 $.

Microsoft CFO and a CMO Tami Reller in the said in an interview today, application stores since its launch, the Numbers have doubled 6 , 90% app will be downloaded at least once every month. Because in the Windows just launched, many software are not yet within the store, so the actual situation may not 6 so many times, but in the first year of its development, Windows more than iOS application store have just introduced to the levels . Earlier today, Microsoft also said that SkyDrive have been more than a very short period of time as the 2.5 million active users.

Windows Blue : this year

before, Microsoft will have to admit that the Windows the next version of the code is “ Windows Blue “, the news of the various leak also reveals its many functions. But Microsoft has never published Blue schedule. In today’s interview, Keller , Blue will be introduced later this year’s time. This is based on the doing tablets and PC the bold vision. She said: “will be through a variety of new technology to increase its various performance, including display, battery life and performance and so on. We are creating new opportunities for ecological system.” She also pointed out at the same time, for the user feedback, Microsoft also attaches great importance to. (more and more people hope to be able to see the big start button)

when in June, we will surely get more about Blue message, so there is a lot of news is just speculation. But Keller mouth “later this year” refers to the end of the summer.