The next four years in our country auto chip industry revenue to keep 9% growth, will amount to $6.1 billion in 2017

recently, market investigation and IHS , 2013 in China’s auto chip market total revenue will reach and $, compared to last year ( and $ 10% . It is understood that last year the industry’s growth is only 3.5% .

in addition, the report also pointed out that the next 4 years, China’s auto chip market will also maintain 9% 12% . Predicts 2017 at the end of the year, the industry’s total revenue will be 61 $.

IHS believe that rapid growth of China’s auto chip market has three factors: first, the high-end cars in China in recent years a growing consumer market; Second, the small and medium-sized cities of the continued expansion of consumer demand for cars; Third, China’s consumer when the choose and buy a car, pay more attention to safety, functionality and experience.

analysis thinks, although the growth of China’s auto market will be as the strengthening of environmental protection policy, and the rise in oil prices and slowing, such as auto chip industry will maintain rapid growth.

the report pointed out that the entertainment content such as chip is used to provide information to occupy the whole of China car market share of the main chip. It is understood that the 2012 in the chip market gains for 11 $, auto chip market more than a quarter of the total revenue. In addition, for chips such as dynamic sensing, navigation, security control followed.

the stmicroelectronics ( STM ) is now the main supplier of China’s auto chip market, the company cars from China chip market gains for 2.34 $. America’s freescale semiconductor, grace wisdom pu semiconductor respectively with 2.12 and 2.08 top 2 , 3 a.

at the same time, the Chinese local manufacturers also more to join them. The report said the 55% information entertainment car chip system is designed with local companies.