The New York times: Verizon to assist the national security agency to collect # PRISM communications metadata

on Wednesday, the guardian Revelations, the Obama administration has been implementing a “monitor” project at home. Among them, the national security agency (NSA) is responsible for collecting people’s communication records from Verizon Communications, institutions. Here are some of our analysis point of view, the hope can help to you:

q: what from Verizon won the national security agency information?

a: NSA from Verizon Business Network Services (Verizon subsidiaries under the flag) to collect various communication “metadata”. These “metadata” mainly refers to the log information, such as the date and time, phone number, etc. However, it is not sure of these data, including email header information. From a legal perspective, the behavior of the NSA “right”, both in foreign intelligence and purely domestic information collection is allowed.

q: government from when to start the project?

b. a. is unclear. In march last year the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) of the judges, Roger Vinson approved Verizon Business Network Services continued daily collection of information rights. The rights to July of this year will be failure, is seen as “second generation” “agreement”, it is to modify before the provisions in a lot of updates. As for Versions of the “electronic monitoring”, began as early as during the bush years, and to get barack Obama came to power after a rapid development.

q: what is this means that the government in “listening” we make a phone call?

a: not necessarily. The “agreement” does not involve the use of the contents of the call “monitor”, because, in the fourth amendment to protect it with clear provisions. If the government wants to monitor calls, it first need to “eliminate” related legal obstacles.

q: normal telephone communication is in the range of the government’s “monitor”?

a: according to media reports on Wednesday, Verizon Business Network Services just collect information office Business calls. However, at present we can’t rule out other Verizon “monitor” business involves the possibility of personal communications information.

q: whether the government and other communications companies also signed the “agreement”?

a: it is not clear. Many experts say, considering the Verizon with the attribute of the “agreement” between the government, is likely to other communications companies involved. In fact, many communications companies who had the “monitor” plan for the government.

Via: New York Times