The new version of Google maps offline maps cancelled? ! Don’t be afraid, and tips to help you easily find!

if you are not careful last night upgraded to the latest version of Google maps, in addition to more luxuriant page and smooth experience, you will find a big problem: offline maps! Offline maps where go to!!!!!!!!!!! After 10 number online how to check the map!!!!!!!!!!!

don’t worry don’t worry, the new version of Google maps is not delete the function of offline maps, but rather as an egg with him hid themselves. We’ll think of some way to find it.

in the first place you want to save offline maps of the selected area (i.e., the map you screen blocks), and then in the search box above input: okay maps .

input after the completion of the click search, and offline map will automatically download.

xiao yun have done a test, xiao yun first settled in the Beijing area maps:

then enter Okay maps:

click search, and began to automatically save offline maps:

Google map of bear children were offline so useful functions to make eggs ~ really want to drag them out TJJTDS.