The new sets of split personality

sets has been one of my favorite applications, and even individuals think that it can be called “perfect”. The reason is very simple, I like to take pictures and share it with friends, and sets a provides unparalleled quality services.

of course on Facebook, Google + and Twitter, users can complete such as photo sharing service, but the “comprehensive” social networking sites are like Swiss army knife, multifarious functions, often can let users lost a goal. Sets are more like a waiter in the hands of “bottle opener”, it let us concentrate on one thing, and to provide users with simple and high quality solutions. Swiss army knife to open the wine would you choose? Obviously impossible.

“specificity” spirit accomplishment sets

and other users, when I hear them may there will be changes that are making me nervous. Today, when learned from the news, my heart is broken. You may think I am a conservative, think I refused to innovation, in fact, as a product of loyal users, we have some resistance to change, because service for it’s deep love. Has not been advertising “corrupted”, no “sensationalist” additional features, this is my eyes once sets.

but since sets a buyout by Facebook, my this fear is growing. What Facebook has always been a “social basket” function to add to their website. This need not I said, you look at it has introduced Poke, Facebook, Camera, Facebook Messenger and other applications. I don’t understand zack burke, why to give them a short video function. A labeled Facebook Vine so valuable?

sets “identity crisis”

after joined the video sharing, originally sets look like a “big”. Maybe as short video applications such as Vine really occupy a lot of market, by a lot of people chase after hold in both hands, but I don’t think it’s what cross function and Instgram exist. As a “focus” on photo-sharing social applications, sets has gradually formed its own language, habits, culture. Stiffly in video sharing, will only make the variable fuzzy sets a status attribute.

when I use the mouse along the new sets interface stroke all the way down, with no artistic aesthetic feeling of video frame according to let a person feel bloated. Don’t know how many ever follow users to share video, I can only hope that when I was helpless choice cancel attention, will not be they found. A good application, only the best one thing, it is not necessary to become a “universal” athletes, because that will only make once a “perfect”.

video to resist “beast”

to be honest, I’ve been pretty smart don’t those so-called UGC on short video, both in content and form is too rough, blundering. When most of the social users will suffer from “carsick disease”, sets a peremptory became our harvest pure harbour (after today will not, of course).

maybe all kinds of video on YouTube and Vine, are all very good, but I rarely go back to the active view. Also, I will not choose to watch the video on them. As a writer, I like writing, but as a photographer and a sets a fan, I just enjoy the simple pictures.

as a user, I want is simple: once loved them still can maintain the original appearance.

Via: ReadWrite