The new sets a total video upload breakthrough on the first day of 5 million

(edit Andie)

according to foreign media reported CNET science and technology, in sets a short video sharing features released after 24 hours, has more than 5 million total users to upload the video.

Thursday, Facebook announced its sets will increase a video sharing features. This application allows the user to shoot a short video for 15 seconds, and offers the corresponding filter images and shock absorption, etc. Thought, the move is Instgram “against” Vine (Twitter), a subsidiary of one of the strategic deployment of video applications such as. The Vine has more than 13 million active users, in its first eight hours, the amount of video upload needs a man spend a year of time to finish it.

in the dense heat Thursday night’s game against the spurs, sets a video sharing features in the climax, peak reached 40 hours per minute video uploaded. Success would seem to indicate that Instgram video function, after all, such an “unprecedented”, is difficult to have been copied other application developers.

however, tastes differ, there is no lack of “new” sets also criticism. American science and technology bloggers, apple commentator John LuBo said, video sharing makes originally simple, fluent sets a bloated and slow. He said: “fortunately, there are close the automatic broadcast video Settings, otherwise I will have to put the Instgram out” from my cell phone.