The new Nexus 7 GPS failure

according to player feedback, part of the New the Nexus 7 failure.

,,, the user is complaining about the same problem.


New the Nexus 7 run for a period of time, usually 2 to 30 minutes and then failed. No matter how you try can awaken . After the restart so normal for a period of time, and then failed…

Google is clearly aware of this issue and investigating. Android Paul Wilcon the following message: “thanks for your feedback, we will look into the matter”.

a users, said he has contacted Google Play customer service, customer service said there will be a software update to push to solve this problem. But the user from 7 start at the end of the feedback this problem, now already on 12 day, fixes haven’t push.

it is still unclear, which is caused by a software defect or a hardware defect. If there are any new messages, xiao yun will be updated in this report.

for this kind of thing, Bill Gates, a parody of Chinese Twitter fun as follows:


Apple on sale product is the first month don’t buy; Google on sale products, the first month bought faces all sorts of quality problem; We are Microsoft on sale products, oh no, we are on sale after half a year, and then a year later the price 40% .

Update: August 23, Google began, solving GPS failure, and some of the user response multi-touch failure problem.