The new Google Keep increasing time/place to remind, Google Now gradually into Google remind channel system applications

when Google released a few months ago the Android applications Keep, Keep the essence of but is a basic function of notes only. But Google today make adjustments to its practicality is greatly enhanced. In the updated version launched today, in a central location a new “Remind me” button. This button allows users to obtain based on time and remind of the location, but can be by Google Now bring up.

imagine: when you walk into a grocery store (to Keep you in the shopping list associated with the store coordinates), then you will receive a Google Now remind, need to buy what goods. For the convenience of the user, Keep the tag will automatically fill the surrounding site.

through this Google notes, you can set his mind at to nap on the bus. Keep in a certain time or reached a certain place, send out remind (premise is you must complete the time and place of associated Settings).

in the new version, Google also prepared new side navigation for Keep the Drawer (the Drawer). Now you can fast switching between different accounts, can be unified view all remind the next step.

another new feature in the new version can be quickly import Keep existing in the Android mobile phone picture.

Google Now is rapidly evolved into Google the main channel of all kinds of reminders. And to Keep embedded in the new version also suggests that Google continues to enhance the function of the Google Now. And the Field Trip may also be embedded into the next Google Now candidate. Now it still belongs to the independent products, will last for at least to the Google ‘s Niantic Lab of the end of the experiment.

the new Keep rolling updates, update has been received, the user can then wait up.