The most striking propaganda: MOTOROLA using Google street view build MotoX Texas factory inside and outside the map

remember MotoX the factory located in Texas? Recently, the MOTOROLA use Google street view, from inside to outside to show us the phone ShengChanChang environment in the United States.

xiao yun look after, can only use two words to describe my feeling: shock! ()

as being acquired after the launch of the first cell phone, MotoX on the other hand to let Google invested a lot of energy and resources, it is said that Google in order to promote the mobile phone, for 5 $advertising), on the other hand, MotoX was also thought to be the key point of the rise of motorcycle empire.

Change from

Logo change (MOTOROLA’s icon), to the patriotic feelings of agitation and propaganda from a somewhat odd by 8 structure, to various unique customized service. MotoX start from an embryo period, has become the focus of media attention.

recently in an interview, MOTOROLA woodside has pointed out, the factory is located in fort worth, Texas city, every week to play 10 all department MotoX . Not only that, woodside has also revealed that although MotoX is now only sold in North America, MotoX not just this one. Analysts believe that MotoX may be a cheap version, to capture the emerging markets.

maybe, you will complain about MotoX the expensive price ( AT& T published price for 575 $), the MotoX configuration was disappointed, or do you think MotoX voice sensing function not too big innovation, but we cannot deny that, once the mobile phones MOTOROLA emperor really value MotoX . Google, of course, its parent company, can provide more depth to help, although it said for all Android Allies alike.