“The most popular mobile phone game,” I’m MT “be suspected of cheating on marketing

a number of readers to the hunting cloud network reported, said now is the industry as “the most popular mobile game” “I’m MT” suspected of using deception means of marketing, defraud users to download.

a tipster Mr Xing to hunt cloud network said on the phone, just 10 minutes to receive “my name is MT” game 5 text messages. There are two Mr Xing fed up about it.

1, Mr. Xing never registered the game I’m MT, propaganda messages about the game how can accurate sent to Mr. Xing phone? “I’m MT” game is how to get his personal information? Or third party gave his personal information monopoly to “I’m MT”, but this is junk short message marketing, why “I’m MT” does not consider the user’s feeling?

2, for “I’m MT” send text messages, more discontent to Mr. Xing. “Spam messages also mention my name is MT video updates, but the links in the text, the point is, in fact, their client to download. This is clearly a cheat marketing. Not a liar, is what?”

Mr. Xing evidence published

Mr Xing of the encounter is not alone. Has quite a few net friend on weibo said in a statement also suffered the same harassment of spam messages.

The personage inside course of study to the hunting cloud network analysis, “I’m MT” spam messages marketing and media exposure of the underground spam messages long time industrial chain is likely to have extensive relations.

earlier, before the IT times reported that promotion has been initially formed the industrial chain, called iMessage — spam messages advertising company scan over the country to 17.5 million user information, click a taxi, quick take a taxi, shake will hire car, home food, my name is MT such as mobile phone software, real estate, finance, theaters, and other customers are spam messages.

after the media exposure, click a taxi, quick take a taxi, shake to hire car relevant personage also said that the advertising by promoting company production, now called iMessage — SMS promotion have stopped, later will not be sent to the user.

to insiders doubt, after the media exposure “I’m MT” is still adopted means of spam messages, even if has a user, including Mr Xing, complaining to official on weibo, but users opinions clearly didn’t be adopted.

cloud network hunting yesterday to contact the game I’m MT CEO Mr. Xing, according to the matter, Mr. Xing to hunt cloud network made no reply.

update: Mr. Xing this morning about this reply said: total is not more than one hundred packages, but a platform is played in more than one hundred packages. As developers, we cannot be responsible for promotion .