The most popular CEO to identify: “small Zagreb” ranked first, ballmer ratings less than half

recently, a report from the Washington post, reveal to us the list of “America’s most popular CEO.

it is understood that the survey is the company’s employees to vote for. So who will be the best support “darling”? !

, 29, mark zuckerberg burke, the world’s youngest billionaire became the survey first. It is understood that his approval ratings in the staff as high as 97%. Xiao yun remember, mark once led Facebook’s staff to participate in the annual parade “rainbow”, said the company’s tolerance of homosexuality.

in second place was Twitter CEO dick Costello. On Twitter when listing of the media reports the company “enmity between the four founders. In spite of this, the leader’s approval rating remains at 96%.

we finally get to Google’s larry page. The search giant of the world’s leaders with a 95% approval rating has become the third place.

a fourth belong to cook, enjoys a 92% approval rating. Although there has been one of the sales of the iPhone 5 c is far lower than apple’s expectations, but for the iPhone 5 s and a new generation of the great influence of the product and the high praise, is enough to make the CEO happy for a while.

here many readers would feel less like xiao yun for a man, why didn’t he? Remember Mr. Ballmer tears in staff meeting, and screams to shout out: “we will change the world again. Full burst into prolonged applause, not out: “ballmer, we love you!” There is, however, the investigation of the beloved CEO’s approval rating is only 47%.