The monkey sun ManShui IT period 15 】 【 tencent met tathagata

tencent’s work is very low-key, described in the monkey sun tencent tencent just want to say really work miracles.

on tencent to what extent? Just to pull a few words. Tencent can let the chief editor of a newspaper, class can make imitation of tencent in jail, 3 q war Zhou Hongyi very not easy tencent a Angle, tencent is forced to take money to buy a gold pin, see how can you Zhou Hongyi play?

rich and powerful have users, so tencent, known as the industry known as “public enemies”, birth, death, tencent!

this hall traverse to the child, can not anger in Kowloon bay since wei, but met with brand steward, tencent also have to make three points.

the operators to questioning tencent is certainly not unfounded. WeChat indeed threatening operators. Where is it?

the ministry’s statistics show that in 2012 the national mobile sent messages reached 897.31 billion, year-on-year growth of only 2.1%, the lowest growth for four years.

actually before this article statistics, China mobile’s boss Mr Li, Mr Xi has long been criticized by tencent, even further, and operators to the tencent.

for privilege, take it in turns to zhuang everyday to play the game the carriers, it may not be able to: Internet companies blasted his lair was too fierce.

operator of the accused on the tencent micro believe technology is the reason that threaten the security of communication. Experts say WeChat overhead erosion, the problem is not the business of the frequent but its technology mechanism requests “heartbeat signals” (signaling), has been increasingly frequent, wireless call drop phenomenon affects the communication security.

security problem is tencent is questioning the truth? If that is the case, operators should play themselves face. If WeChat as experts, unsafe, so China mobile “flies”, “wing” of China telecom and China unicom “WoYou” how do you explain? They and WeChat do not.

you can’t say the somebody else the user is more security threat, you less users, there is no security threat. Reason, grandiose, but it’s too pull.

a word! Money!

the rapid development of WeChat indeed don’t get so comfortable for operators to make money, not to make money is a slow process, tencent wouldn’t take operators at your job, but in the long run, operators to pipeline is something sooner or later.

operator understands to come over, so have to talk to tencent. Tencent you robbed the money today, we just robbed. To take the money tomorrow, how will we do!

tencent do?

the monkey sun, although avatar, with broadband operators, on somebody else’s buddha-to-be turf mixture, dwarf first-class identity nature, negotiations are unfair.

of course tencent hand chip is more than 300 million users, but tencent heart der spiegel, absolutely not charge to the user. Operator is determined to sit at, can only talk about.

ma said that operators to charge a micro letter is a rumor, but he know, hatred will that do? It is under the wuzhishan in 500. Belch fart.

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