The mobile Internet market under the tide of 58 only crying?


in the trend of mobile Internet, many Internet products are difficult to catch up with the pace of it. People all feel the changes in the mobile Internet, feel the mobile Internet to the original life, work, learning all aspects of the impact of ecosystems, with some in the trend in rolling, some still on the sidelines or more.

classifieds site once dominated the indispensable role in people’s life, looking for a house, looking for a job, looking for domestic cannot leave it, such as Craigslist, Avito abroad, domestic main 58 city, such as market network, the network platform. Classifieds site in domestic peak reached 3000 number, of course, as the market is eliminated, can now known as the classification of the information platform, one hand can count out, there on the one hand, because the user’s mature, on the one hand, because of the market competition, the most important results from the mobile Internet, make a lot of classified information platform by surprise. In this wave of mobile Internet, and how should the classification information platform and mobile Internet kissing?

classification information platform in the mobile Internet barriers facing

(1) the erosion. Mobile Internet is a huge cake, everyone want to bite, but for now, the mobile Internet can really “money” is that a few pieces of , O2O , electric business, social value-added services, such as hand tour, including , O2O is the “fat” in the population of many, one of the contenders are baidu, alibaba, tencent, Scott, sina, etc all want to to break through in this block, some time ago baidu navigation and Scott navigation war, there is little not trying to steal food O2O and ambitions.

classification information platform in many service and O2O and there is a conflict, such as hotel reservation, life distribution, ticketing service, moving, etc., are related to the map navigation and even micro letter is the root of conflict. Classified information platform faces is more than just a few big impact, niche product shock is not weak, like a special hotel reservation APP and special local life APP , as well as other recruitment, real estate and other vertical mobile products, and classified information platform are losing in the feed, classified information platform itself is big platform route, instead it by some of the “small but beautiful” mobile Internet products to drove losing.

(2) channel. I said here channels disadvantage there are mainly two aspects, one is its own channel advantage is not obvious, the other one is working with other channels too little.

one’s own advantage is not obvious because of the entry of the mobile Internet is too little, problems and requirements. Is a social, a browser, one is APP distribution, of course, there are other channels. Itself less entrance, and the user demand for classified information platform, it is not too high, the user can rent a house, today can also month rent a house? Can every day to find a job, still can find a job in month? Even today spent 5 dollars from a user, rented a house, again in a few days to unload it, how does it escape from the situation of “fire died”?

the cooperation with other channels is too little to say they are wooden, or is not sensitive to the mobile Internet, there is no “dog’s sense of smell. Mobile social is not just a circle, it is also a kind of basic services, and as the basis of map navigation service. The current such as 58 city, market network etc. APP products have built-in dating service, but more of a dating and functions of “booty call”, do not have too many basic social attributes, including news client, the reader, video, etc. On the basis of the mobile Internet services, with the cooperation of too little, want to know that the mobile Internet is not fight alone can win, cooperation is the common means of jobs if it weren’t for that year trying to selfishly, want to software and hardware, maybe now is the apple empire instead of Microsoft.

(3) the defects of their products. Classified information platform in the PC end there is a big defect, the first is widespread false information, followed by the information explosion, and poor user experience. PC not solve the problem, will directly PC the information copy to move, as a platform of information input and output, the most basic problem not solved, the user how to use it?

a product itself is a huge defect that, again want to success in mobile Internet, not consumed by other vertical niche products. Users are very critical for the product, which is in the original WeChat 5.0 android version because at late online, he can see out, of course, the user is not late for classified information platform of mobile products online, and I think to myself, irritates users is undoubtedly in the APP of met a liar, this is the root of the classification of information platform, to ensure that the output information authenticity, timeliness.

unity make ecosystem + work + self-improvement

classification information platform to kiss with the mobile Internet, the author thinks that can from the following angles: namely solidarity complete ecosystem + work + to ourselves.

(1) unity ecological system. The baidu and Scott is one of the model, while gold is baidu “plunge into a knife”, but is good for the whole navigation platform, allows users to free used in the form of navigation, the navigation of the users on the increase, from a “handsome” Grosvenor LTD products into “the dream silk” product, “the dream silk” the world, users are the world.

classification information platform on baidu and gold is to learn, how to classify the information industry are driven, let the user used in the formation of classified information platform, let the classification information platform has become a basic services, to build a characteristic classification information platform, even as other vertical products, BAT a few big grab to eat, and rob don’t walk the classification information of mobile ecosystem . Craigslist is doing the best in this field, a lot of people said the site was broken and not good-looking, but its users is leverage, not only because it allows users to form habits, but also because of its platform built by the rules.

(2) cooperation. In some channels issues mentioned above, it can be resolved. External aspect, the author found a classification on the micro letter information platform directly cooperate with micro letter public platform, users choose to access your location, enter keywords can examine the information you want. Now that can cooperate with WeChat, why don’t you cooperate with easecredit applauded, chat, social networking products such as cooperation, for classified information platform, of course, they hope to be able to spread the users as widely as possible, although this will increase the part of the human cost, PC part of the human actually can be transferred. Products including mobile reading, even may be the enemy of map products, mobile video can try to cooperation.

as for itself, with is one of the means, followed by combining PC period of resources, put themselves above the promotion of the mobile products into a unified platform, focus on a point of attack, avoid east west a bullet struck a gun.

( 3 ) self-renewal. Users again big, if not its own products, eventually will only make the loss of users, and mobile products promotion expenses than