The mobile game market running water water ranking top 10 products in September

the personage inside course of study recently revealed the September monthly income must hand swim Top12 ranking. It is for android, IOS, and domestic mainstream platform integrated data and concluded, for reference only, do not represent the official data.

can be seen from the table, the water in the mobile game industry dynamic excellence in September, “I’m MT” continue to maintain the first, many old products continue to have a rising trend. Such as “I’m MT”, “fishing” 2 “, “the sword of the king,” the monster “X”, “big head”, etc. “Giant”, at the same time the scuffle hall such a rookie product developing rapidly, a lot of pressure to the industry old enterprises.

TOP1: “my name is MT monthly water 80 million yuan

“I’m MT” update in September on a large scale, especially the founder Mr. Xing to try to join in the game some of the innovative gameplay, reduce the heavy play game at the same time. Especially on the existing means of promotion, remarkable games adopted the athletic contest activities, cause users in high spirits, a surge in online users. The current enrollment hit 20 million, 2.4 million active users.

ranked by: “space-time hunter in water 70 million yuan

the space-time hunter is by touch technology and mobile game in joint operations, a touch is responsible for the android version of the agent, the mobile game is responsible for the ios version. Since September touch increased the investment for the promotion of its products, especially for some blockbuster products as listed in the promotion of speed layout. At the same time, it’s a touch strong guarantee water science and technology, in a recent D round a $50 million investment.

TOP3: “fishing talent 2 month running water 60 million yuan

“fishing talent 2” by the touch of the operation of independent research and development of science and technology products, touch technology CEO Chen Haozhi has a special liking to this product, not only as a staple of touch technology, but also by its expensive entertainment TV program for promotion. As China’s good voice become local tyrants in the mobile game industry.

TOP4: “the sword of the king on the flowing water of up to 50 million yuan

the sword of the king as the blue port online first hand tour product, wang feng with page swam the operational experience and end of the market of the sensitivity of chanting, not only in the major channels to increase cooperation, even he pushed the replacement storm. For “sword of the king” brand successfully let blue port to become China’s first successful transformation of the company.

TOP5: “big head” month 40 million yuan water

“big head” as the first martial arts play crab develop mobile game, the continuation of the style of jin yong’s martial arts style, maybe it is so popular users love. At the same time, also met with jin yong’s copyright disputes. So September and October’s water is very important to play the crab, crab this also let play successful acquisition by mobile game company palm boring.

TOP6: “millions of king Arthur in water 35 million yuan

shanda tourism industry takes as the end, for the operation in the millions of king Arthur is different. Through the unique brand value and its own platform, with the help of last quarter earnings results to obtain one hundred million yuan, also became one of the hand travel industry to follow each other.

TOP7: “giant” month 30 million yuan water

a perfect world, the “giant” because of its won the jin yong’s martial arts film, with years of experience in end tour development, especially for martial arts class game design has a special experience. Soon break do the product launch, become another side swim enterprise successful login the classic case of mobile game industry.

TOP8: wu Q biography on water 28 million yuan

the kunlun ten thousand d of the knight-errant biography of Q is also a martial arts as the subjects of mobile phone games, online soon, kunlun ten thousand d increases the product promotion, only two months to reach the water 20 million. It is worth noting that the kunlun ten thousand d only just part of the operator.

TOP9: “the monster” X month water + 20 million yuan

“monster” X is a 2012 – year – old game, because of its innovative worth industry attention and study. Especially the operators had unique marketing strategy, make the game public beta two month to month running water never, the success of the product, and let the developers, the technology becomes the object of investors aim of heart, had to swim in October increased investment, for the promotion of “monster” X recent users in each big platform has obvious rise. According to predict “the monster” X may have a new outbreak of point at the end of the year.

top 10: the blood one piece on water + 20 million yuan

this is a depicting the anime products, due to the particularity of its subjects like Japanese anime fans. Also because of its copyright issues, Babel era has been pushing product hiding anything also dare not big.