The ministry: the future development of domestic mobile system to build industrial ecological system

China Beijing on May 30 (reporter Aats h.increased human gingival) 30, China’s ministry of industry and information technology officials disclosed the next three to five years of the development of China’s software industry, including intelligent mobile phone operating system and intelligent voice is focus.

30 in Beijing on the 17th China international software expo, director-general of the department of ministry of industry and software services Chen wei to introduce, to enhance innovation capacity, China’s software industry related to cloud computing software in 2012, an increase of 118%; UC browser users worldwide more than 300 million, including mobile phone users for more than 90%, micro letter users at around 400 million. The software has brought the new application prospect.

Chen wei said that the mobile Internet era, the competition is based on mobile intelligent terminal operating system (OS) of ecological system, the core of competition.

at present, the smartphone operating system is apple’s ios, android and Microsoft’s Windows operating system. “China focus on the next step in software development, strive to achieve breakthrough in mobile intelligent terminal operating system, as the core to build its own industrial ecological system”, Chen wei said.

Chen wei also reveals that the software will be the intelligent voice technology and industry promotion as one of three to five years working emphasis in the future, make intelligent voice really mobile Internet portal.

in Chinese speech synthesis, speech recognition, speech than, speech test and so on, some important results have been achieved, some even reached advanced level. Anhui ustc xunfei have all reached cooperation with three major telecommunications operators. Chen wei, according to the ministry has signed a contract with the anhui provincial government, jointly promote the development of the audio industry.