The ministry: smart phones may not be preset five types of malicious software

smartphones become more popular over the past few years, but at the same time, frequent outbreaks of information security, malicious software problem such as deduction. The ministry’s website yesterday announced the notice on strengthening the management of the mobile intelligent terminals, strengthen the management of smartphones into the net. The ministry order “five categories shall not be preset software”.

request production enterprise shall presets application software has the following properties:

it is not subject to consent by the users, the users to express and collection, modify the user personal information without authorization;

2 it is to express and subject to consent by the user, the user to call terminal communication function, causing traffic consumption and costs, as well as the information;

3 it is to affect the normal function or mobile intelligent terminal communication network safe operation;

4 it is to contain the “telecommunication regulation of the People’s Republic of China” is forbidden to release, the spread of information content;

five other infringes upon the lawful rights and interests as well as the users’ personal information safety and harm of network and information security.

in June last year, the ministry has the notice to solicit comments from society. The “notice” will be in November 1, 2013 formally implemented. Before the formal implementation, set aside half an year transition period for the enterprise.