The Microsoft product will be launched next year can be connected to the Internet glasses

Beijing time on April 5, the investment company Topeka Capital analyst Brian White (Brian White) on Thursday said in a report that Microsoft networking glasses products will be launched next year. If an accurate, this means that Microsoft will challenge the Google glasses. Google glasses is still in development, but has attracted close attention from the outside.

white argues that Google glasses will make several big technology companies to develop wearable computing devices. There is talk that apple is developing iWatch wrist watch products. White also said on Wednesday that apple plans to introduce smart TV later this year. This smart TV will be equipped with accessories, called “iRing” help users to easily control the TV.

news from white apple’s supply chain manufacturer in Asia. Stories about the iRing this week for the first time, and the outside world for iWatch discussion for a long time. In February this year, the us technology blog AppleInsider found apple a smart watch related patents, patent describes an equipment with radian screen, wear on your wrist.

apple may focus on wrist watch such equipment, while Google and Microsoft are more interested in the glasses. Earlier this year, reports that Google glasses will completely iphones and Android phone via bluetooth.

in addition to the bluetooth, the prototype of Google glasses also support WiFi and GPS, and other functions, the product’s built-in cameras can take pictures. After the Google glasses, users will be able to use voice, such as sending text messages or phone. Right at the top of the screen will prompt users to operate the glasses the necessary information.

white expects the Google glasses will take the lead in sale at the end of 2013, and Microsoft products introduced such glasses in the first half of next year. He said: “Google has been around an important breakthrough in software applications for new products. So we think this product will greatly promote the development of wearable electronic devices, and will be closely watched.”


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