The local tyrants, the Internet giant why burning money do cloud storage?

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recently, alibaba announced the acquisition of cool plate, with a few friends talked about the topic of personal cloud storage, why this several big Internet companies began to put on it so much. Just then, a friend sent a link, after is a fact, say cool dish CEO Gu Zhicheng Zhou Xintian on the car, from BMW 320 upgraded to the new jaguar, instantly pulled up several notches.

so I also checked on the Internet, the jaguar XJL models, for example, the general configuration between 110 yuan to 1.2 million yuan, and the new BMW 320 top-of-the-line is only 600000 or so, however, the fact can’t help letting person caused some associations. Side is cool dish CEO “bleeding” to buy luxury cars, on the other side is ali acquisition cool dish, two things is also occur in the “different”, is this a coincidence? However, the appearance of this fact makes the whole event become more interesting, the topic of cloud storage is more attracted my notice.

it is important to note that the ali announced acquisition of cool dish did not give you more concerned about the information such as the purchase price. There’s A data, in September 2010, cool dish for angels xue barbarian angel investors, and in January 2011, completed A round of funding. In October 2011, cool dish for DCM brought $20 million B round of funding. And cool dish since this year has been financing demand, from this perspective, cloud storage is a competitive market, but also an “burn money” business. As a result, the price should be high ali acquisition cool plate.

cloud storage is a costly game

this burning money business, still pretty much everyone else’s, may feel that way for many people. People are asking why? It doesn’t matter, we first put a put, the question to say first, cloud storage is how to burn.

in the first place, the cloud storage services need to spend a lot of money to form a server room, buy high bandwidth, and to provide users with the cloud storage space of the file, etc., it is not only the hardware cost is high, and maintenance cost is huge.

the cloud and cloud storage, unlike a few years ago, the simple point-to-point download and upload service, than is the server and bandwidth. Now what we call cloud storage business needs strong technology support, as we know the cloud storage technology and the application of common CDN technology requires abundant capital investment can be achieved.

again, due to the limitation of domestic network conditions, popularization of cloud storage providers to ensure that service and stable, tend to be both must buy in telecom IDC resources, also want to buy in netcom and other operators. And after consume large amounts of IDC and bandwidth, operators can get the results they want remains to be seen. So the cloud storage business is a game of “burn money”, if there is no large sums of money, or their poor profitability can’t afford to “burn”, then the business can’t live.

let’s take a look at the condition of small companies can easily know, the network location service is a low barriers to entry are need high technology and high capital support industry. If there is no ali, 360, baidu’s deep pockets, just rely on financing and users to pay companies to sustain life simply can’t afford to tens of millions of users. Actually, ali, 360, big companies such as baidu, they started in the field of cloud storage is not early, but they have strong financial and technical support, to put the “money game” continue to play.

mining the value behind the cloud storage, is the first step for users

well, now that cloud storage business money so much, then we can talk about why the Internet company willing to do so the cloud storage. Who is not “blows”, before do mobile phones, TV has its merits.

here, first of all, there is a small problem, in the past in the development process of these well-known Internet companies value most? There is no doubt that is the user, flow, data. Figure out the problem, we take a look at these cluster cloud storage services company, today actually, their purpose is to control the entrance.

designed’s sake, Internet giant in cloud storage and send a lot of space, the purpose is to control the entrance, netting users and to get the data, to other aspects of promotion and profit.

a few days ago saw a post on PCHome, said was once very popular baidu magic figure then to an abrupt end, the reason there is the suspicion of collect user privacy data, the first director of finance and economics Wang Zheng in WeChat remind your friends don’t upload photos again, he is worried that this is baidu in face recognition, face search to collect data for their own. He said: “baidu once established personal facial recognition database, also the information such as number, unit, what happens? Such as after you touch with other people in the elevated car, the other else, take your photo, you can search to you. Such as the subway someone shot a photo, you can be your weibo, micro letter, others with your photo, circle of friends, and find all your past life. As long as it will.”

of course, this is just a guess. The meaning of this example is to show you, cloud storage seemingly insignificant thing, actually hidden behind the huge value, which is why companies scramble to enter the field. Yesterday and also a 51 cto as cloud storage years of senior editor about this matter, he asked me, what do you think of your data stored on your computer at a glance is seen through by XXX company, on the network location that you have their company, they were just out there?

in the end, I sum up in the eyes of the author, the future in the field of cloud storage competitive companies.

1, baidu

reason: abundant capital base needless to say. Recently, baidu has already announced that the number of baidu cloud users reached 100 million, the growth speed and scale are very considerable. At the same time, through the years in search of “dominance” advantage accumulated vast users to become a solid foundation, rely on search engine traffic import alone can bring huge business, and baidu’s future will also be launched in areas such as music, text messages, library personal cloud services, it is also its own advantage.



reason: 360 in the past two years the rapid development of the mandates, money is not a problem. Its security software from the beginning of a single business, to pluralism, from the browser or the later 360 search has accumulated a certain popularity, it’s brought congenital advantages to its users. In addition, the security problem is one of the personal cloud storage users concerned topic, based on many years of development, in the security field 360 has certain advantage in this respect.

3, tencent

reason: referred to as the “empire” Internet tencent on money is no problem. Its large user base, take a look at tencent games business will know, QQ chat software users into will help it to more users. With tencent, the binding of the business, is one of the advantages of cloud storage business tencent development.

4, alibaba

reason: combined with its own attributes, ali in the face of the user with a few companies is different, may be more consumers and sellers, after the acquisition of cool, provide differentiated services will become a bright spot. Can provide users with including photos, contacts, SMS, wireless applications and archive information content such as backup, sharing and management functions.

5, thunder

reason: when it comes to thunder, can these Internet companies with the above way, thunderbolt itself is a technology company, has been in the field of cloud storage is the size of the user, the more differentiated services and vertical applications is the biggest advantage. In addition for is about to restart the IPO thunderbolt, fully involved in the cloud will also make it get more financial support.