The LINE will be built in Taiwan branch, develop the international market in an all-round way

as a cross-platform instant messaging applications LINE, now has 160 million registered users. To expand the scale of global users, LINE claims will be opening a new company in Taiwan, and will be in the region, “recruiting”.

the company sales manager Cindy Park in an English site, Taiwan news agency) said in an interview: “we came here, just want to tell users in Taiwan, the LINE has been based on your demand as the goal, it will do better in the future.”

LINE currently has 400 employees worldwide, the new branch office in Taiwan, will be recruited 30 people or so.

in fact, the news is not at all surprising, because the LINE already has a huge user groups in Taiwan. By the end of last month, the application in the total number of users growth to 16 million people. According to Google, according to data by the end of 2012, the total population of 23.31 million people of Taiwan, which means that the LINE in the area of permeability has reached a very high level.

now, we don’t lack the eye-catching instant messaging application,,,,,, and show up before long, the number is various, have their own characteristics, suddenly also really a little “overwhelmed” by users. However, these should be mostly exists in North America, Europe, and how to further expand the scale of global users, then became the IM application development goals.

“native” LINE in Asia, in terms of potential user base, with western IM what application does not have the advantage. LINE Japan headquarters, said only in Indonesia last month users to download the LINE number of “combination should be” to reach 23 million, including LINE messenger, LINE Games, LINE Camera and so on. At present the LINE has been extended to 230 countries and regions around the world.

but in the field of cross-platform IM, LINE faces formidable competitors. WeChat, Kakao accounts already rose to 300 million and 90 million respectively. In addition, Kakao recently released a similar to Facebook application of Home – KakaoHome (Android version), and in 13 days, to reach 1 million downloads.

earlier this week, as a document of exposure, LINE ready to move into the Taiwan market plans are being known. The document, according to the LINE decided to fully expand income channel, and hope to be able to quickly converted into cash. One plan is to increase the enterprise account, and the public stickers account. Yes, you read that right, is stickers account.

exploit market brings profits soar. According to the company in 2013 1 quarter results show that LINE the total income of 5.82 billion yen ($58 million), up 92% year-on-year. Among them, there are at least $17 million in revenue comes from the sticker application of the LINE, so, the LINE is also wise to open up the stickers account.