The Line in response to market rumors, said “has made a formal decision”

(in the editor: dragon interface)

this morning, sankei shimbun reported that valuation could be as high as one million yen, or about $10 billion.

this hearsay, the Line’s website at noon to respond, the Japanese original text is as follows:

hunting cloud network translation is as follows:

“today, what about a news agency reported, not from our club of content.

how our club in the future (development), how to expand the business, will be for a variety of schemes choose (right). As for the present stage, and (we) are not making a formal decision.

wait until all items identified, we will inform you at once.”

Line official did not directly deny to listed, just say the message is not from the official Line. But also stressed that the Line is considering various options, just “has not yet been formally to decide. This declaration or means that the Line is to IPO in the plan.

if you have any further news, hunting cloud network will continue to follow up.