The lack of creative elements: “smart phones” concept is dead

Beijing time on August 12, the tech blog BusinessInsider published Thursday signed for Steve slip grams (Steve Kovach), according to the analysis of development as the smartphone market, more and more new smart phone products, but the product each other more and more imagination, “amazing” element is less and less, since the original apple iPhone, seems to be no similar revolutionary smartphone products appear, the concept of “smart phones” has ceased to exist.

below is the article main content:

those who hope that the next big hot product is listed “no” in this year have a SAP, so to speak.

because of their desired product was not there.

this is not to say that without some excellent new product launch. On the contrary, there are a lot of new equipment, such as: HTC One, blackberry Z10, samsung Galaxy S4 and Moto X, etc. These are all very good mobile phone products, whether to buy a product which, you will feel very happy. But, in addition to marketing gimmick, dazzling conferences, and the company executives in public opinion expressed by the next generation of products to them, in this year all the equipment, can say without a product is a revolutionary product.

these products are the same. At the beginning of 2007 iPhone listed may make apple to win at the starting line, but since then, other companies have caught up with the pace of the apple. For most people, all of these devices have the same function: running applications, browse the web, watch video, check email, constantly playing “candy pieces” and so on. Product price or the special function of mobile phone manufacturers sell, do not seem to be important for you. Now, all products are the same. “Smartphones” this concept is dead.

as one of the mobile industry, anyone see enterprises still follow apple, six years ago to try to revolutionary mobile phone, this let a person very discouraged. Almost empty, so to speak.

last week, LG introduced its new flagship G2 mobile phone products. What are the outstanding performance the product? The device’s volume control keys are put on the back of the mobile phone, camera directly. Last month, nokia 41 million, launched the company with a 41000000 megapixel camera so high pixel basically there is no need, let alone will spend $100 to buy additional configuration. Samsung may be the worst one, its Galaxy S4 equipped with too many useless gimmick, such as no touch gestures, and eye movement tracking, this feature is for cell phone use is becoming more complicated, rather than more maneuverable.

related example there are many, but perhaps you already know. Is simple, in today’s smartphones, “creative” element has gone, they are just “mobile phone”. To make the public believe that a new era of mobile computing has come, also need more gimmicks to convince them.

at the same time, the whole smartphone market situation is worth a look. Smart phones high-end market is close to saturation, this means that those who want to buy a new high-end equipment, such as the iPhone 5 and HTC One, basically have every device. If there are other manufacturers also want to enter high-end market, took the apple and samsung have carved up market share, it is almost impossible thing. This is why nokia low bare-metal products such as manufacturers, for low-end smartphone market increased bets, reproduction and also with Microsoft Windows Phone 8 system of smart phones. Apple may in this year’s first launch of cheap iPhone rumors of the resulting, which explains why samsung launched many cheap version of the Galaxy series products.

to say: I’m not saying that people will no longer buy a mobile phone. (they won’t. I’m not talking phone manufacturers released product is not good. They are good. I want to say is that now we are already at a critical point, now all the devices are very similar, and want to pass some useless gimmick to try to with other product differentiation are stupid.

mobile devices will not disappear, but the concept of “smart phones” has distribution of death.

source: tencent technology