The justice department and the department of homeland security jointly issued a report: Android malware Please alert the government staff

website published a joint statement from the us department of homeland security and the ministry of justice, warned the government staff Android platform on the seriousness of the malware threats.

according to government statistics, 2012 , 79% mobile operating system malware is aimed at Android of the platform, only 0.7% to iOS .

because of its dominant market share and open architecture, Android became “malware attack the main target of”. The file also remind the federal, state, and local authorities to update their mobile devices, and system upgrade.

memo contained in a chart also points out that although the symbian has been curtain call, in the field of malicious software is not retreated, still occupied 19% share of the malware, blackberry and Windows 0.3 %.

report Android security threats is divided into three categories: SMS trojans, backdoors and false Google Play domain name. In order to avoid and prevent these types of malicious software, the report recommends that the authorities use the Android security suite of software, install Carrier IQ test application and allow IT department to update the operating system.

Carrier IQ , you may recall, is a kind of monitoring software, it is some mobile phone manufacturers and operators pre-loaded into the mobile phone system, and secretly track phone buttons and location information.

although security vendor has in containing the Android mobile malware on the issue of making great progress, but there is a need to see the government concerned about the operating system itself. Similar to the 90 s Windows platform, Android in the rise of the mobile market has clearly make it become the target of cyber criminals. The openness of the operating system itself also allows hackers to embed malware to deeper.

it is interesting to note that from the government “Android a 79 malware threats “this data has less than a third party, such as Juniper network company. The company recently argued that Google’s operating system for 92% mobile malware.

the justice department and the department of homeland security report nothing to panic, but it is good to remind us to keep equipment constantly updated, and the importance of careful installation application.

picture sources: zallio/Flickr