The Japanese game industry winter Microsoft “to exclude Japan” Japan’s SONY game market ceased to exist?

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once the business war gaming industry’s spectacular Christmas, has presented winter this year. Sony SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) and Microsoft in the Christmas in overseas business model into the next generation of game consoles, whereas the launch in Japan will have to wait until next year. Console is lower and lower in the Japanese market presence is indisputable. Including after sale last year, poor sales of nintendo Wii U “.

the presence of low

“I heard not started in Japan, I don’t think SONY’s original intention”

home consoles SONY playstation 3 fans, male employees (35) is difficult to conceal his anger. SONY sold in Europe and the November 7 years of the new game “PS4”, and Japan’s launch will have to wait until next February.

Microsoft as the thirteen states on November 22nd issue about 8 years missing “Xbox One ‘new consoles, and launch day edition also have to wait until next year. Game consoles and upgrading for the game of rice is one of the most concerned about events, and one after another “Japan Passing” on sale (excluding Japan) arrangement has made domestic host game players so disappointed.

m the Microsoft Xbox ONE, for the first time in Japan on September 17, the Tokyo central

for Japan to postpone the decision, SONY SCE President Andrew house explains: “for the PS4, host on sale with rich game content is very important. And Japan will host game players like game content at that point in time (February) on sale.”

and phil spencer, vice President of Microsoft games division also said considering the product localization is very important.

catch nintendo situational

will release of the two companies make this judgment, is the lack of game software lead to poor sales last year of the nintendo games host “Wii U” as the example. Nomura’s long tail is analyst said: “the launch of the new console in matching game to prepare a sufficient condition for the launch, is hard to do for the popularity of the public.”

nintendo actually pp.47-53 18 years (2007) introduced the Wii console to create the good results of the 12.7 million units, and as the next generation of game consoles Wii U is only sold 1 million units. SONY Microsoft game consoles, the prospects of the Wii U will be more bleak.

however, “because the PS4 and Xbox ONE delay on sale in Japan, at the end of business war game consoles also will be the Wii U a monopolistic market. Start ready enough by the end of game software, at the same time, increased exposure in television advertising may present a better growth “(long tail jun) pointed out that the Wii U will be the end of the year in the role of business.

nintendo Wii Party U “(October 31), super Mario 3 dwild” (on November 21), the monster hunter Frontier G Premium Package “sale (11 December), and other popular games targeting at the end of the year, intention to return.

published game magazine Fami through the press Angle of sichuan village director hong yi, said the city, and overseas markets, “Japan is compared to the family with video games, carrying type handheld game is the protagonist of special game market”. Pp.47-53 25 years (2013) in the first half of the year on April 1, (-) on September 29, 2.91 million 7501 units, domestic sale of console month while carrying type handheld game occupies one of the eight.

field not only in the family with the console market. Whether nintendo will “benefit”, or SONY, Microsoft’s new opportunities more popular game? Three companies will be more competitive in the next phase of the war.