The iPhone is still a “sniper” have 5 times digital zoom function

according to the daily mail, at present, the United States an inventor use iPhone as the sights of the rifle.

it’s called “Inteliscope adaptation system,” the shooter can use iPhone as sights for weather conditions, focusing on the aimed shot target, without moving the iPhone would get rounded view.

the Idaho company invented the gun accessories, now offers reservation, costs around $69.95, is scheduled to start in June sales. Inteliscope adaptive systems can add an iPhone or iPod to any type of guns, the designer is Jason – base (Jason Gidding), he also designed the lumens glass multi-function touch-screen keyboard and touch pad.

it is understood that the device design completed within 10 weeks, it USES the high strength plastic and rubber sleeve. It has a 5 x digital zoom, sight, built-in GPS map and compass. At the same time, can also according to the weather conditions, such as wind speed and direction.

the shooter can also be video recording and video playback, use the built-in timer timing shooting.

the system also has the function of night vision (tencent technology illustrated)

the system can use the iPod Touch, iPhone 4 and 4 s (tencent technology illustrated)

the device can improve the firing accuracy, can be used for police and military weapons (tencent technology illustrated)

source: tencent technology