The iPhone 5 s replace the Galaxy S4 as America’s most popular mobile phone

according to market Research institutions Counterpoint, according to the latest report issued by the Research of apple iPhone 5 s glory in September for the American smartphone market best-selling products. At present, apple mobile phone, with 39% of the market share of samsung, becoming America’s top mobile phone distributors.

it is understood that since may this year, samsung smartphones have been “and” the United States market, but since released a new generation of the iPhone, apple mobile phone sales in the us market has doubled, replace the position of the samsung success.

in addition, the report pointed out that although the iPhone 5 s 20th last month to launch, but still there is no suspense to become one of America’s most popular mobile phone in September. In addition, the samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 c in smartphone sales list of the second and third place.