The iPhone 5 s fire, samsung sit not to live, to send “spy” go to the interview with 3 · · · · · ·

when accompanied on fifth avenue in Manhattan, waiting for the iPhone 5 s/c fans, south Korean giants samsung and envy, and helpless. It even some confusion, why so many people are willing to queuing up to buy iPhone ?

Manhattan’s fifth avenue waiting to buy the iPhone 5 s consumers

this is not, as a New generation of iPhone on sale, samsung sent a “spy”. They came to fifth avenue carrying cameras iPhone store nearby, interview the anxious wait for the consumers.

the samsung team asked a lot of problems, of course all the center of the problem is only one, that is investigating whether consumers have the iPhone lost enthusiasm, and once the fans how much loyalty to apple going. “What do you think of this year, for example, waiting to buy iPhone team is longer or shorter?” , “you feel the enthusiasm of the people waiting to return as well as a few years ago?” .

on fifth avenue in Manhattan the first apple store to get iPhone 5 s

it is understood that the filming team from samsung group’s first project company. This is a comprehensive agent marketing communications group, can for the customer to provide advertising, market research, consulting, public relations, as well as new media services.

from one of the first project on condition of anonymity producer, said in an interview: “every year there are a lot of manufacturers at a new conference, but never a like iPhone so, has for years been sparked huge consumer enthusiasm. How do we also don’t understand this why.”

for the report, the samsung for comment.

it is understood that after samsung has put in an AD waiting in line to buy the iPhone consumers, as “blind sheep” ( iSheep ).

of course, such as samsung’s envy, jealousy, hate merchants. It is reported that recently the samsung in New york published Galaxy Note III , from HTC of a woman to give snacks, one side to the waiting media while promoting the HTC phone.

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