The iPhone 5 s application collapse probability is much higher than the iPhone 5 and 5 c

when a system version update, improper application of adaptation to crash the regular flash back is also understandable.

however, for apple’s latest upgrade iOS7, things are a bit of a mystery. According to related statistics, application of iPhone5S collapse probability seems to be higher than iPhone5C or the iphone 5.

designed to provide technical support for the mobile application startup Crittercism pointed out that since they tested iPhone5S/C launch newer thousands and hundreds of applications, they found on iPhone5S collapse rate is about 2%, while iPhone5C with the collapse of the iphone 5 rate is below 1%.

Crittercism CEO Andrew Levy said in an interview “every new software or hardware launch is accompanied by more or less adaptive problems. Of course, these problems will be solved.

Levy says, iPhone5S collapse rate slightly on the high side to this point may be to blame the cause of 5 s in the release of “checking the factory, late”. In iOS beta, formal version upgrade number for 7 months, developers have yet to be timely access to 5 s. Want to quickly launch software in iOS7 updated 7 adapted version of iOS, developers generally choose ADAPTS with similar products, such as the same is 64 + M7 A7 chip processor configuration of 5 c, or the iPhone 5.

to Levy that apple spokesman declined to comment.

Levy said, launch new products, new system met the application of the high collapse situation is very common. Apple, as it were, the change in the new product is mainly improve hardware configuration (64 chips), for this point, apple will this change almost impossible to meet the conflict of sexual problems in watered down considerably. In 64 computer systems, for example, when hardware, system upgrades, developers often need to write new code and drive. Phase contrast to the case, apple has done very well at the moment.

(of course) for the collapse of high rate of “the good news is that apple has been aware of the problem, and releasing iOS7 updated version. Can say apple to handle these questions really well.”