The iOS application 7 how far is the distance from the open to present? 152.5 cm!

recently, some people do to the application of iOS 7 animation effects: they by adopting a method of approximation is simple operation, measured the iOS application 7 when fly fly out physical distance.

in other words, their research can let us understand the iOS 7 an application from open to appear in front of us how fast.

according to the research, points out that an application from being open to finally presented to the user, the interval “walk” in total 5 ft 1 foot (30.5 cm). Given it through this distance spent only 0.8 seconds, the speed is quick, after calculation about 4.5 miles per hour (1 mile equals 1069 meters).

in addition, those who were placed in the “drawer”, cannot be open at a time of the application of the distance and how far is it? The answer is 24.62 feet, but also for 4.5 miles per hour.

product and a lot of “reform”, people’s redesign of the iOS 7 full of controversy. Some users think iOS 7 out to fly out on the application of animation is very lively, while others think this kind of dazzling transition gives them a sense of “seasick”. Radish cabbage, his taste, the study doesn’t give iOS seven impact, but it can make us know iOS 7 from another Angle.