The investment community called for Mr Ballmer

Beijing time on May 13, according to foreign media reports, the investment community has been Shouting to ballmer class, Jim Cramer, an analyst with the Wall Street journal (Jim Cramer) again Microsoft’s current situation is analyzed in detail, at the same time, he also suggested that he leave. But their point of view is correct? Whether Microsoft should continue to support Mr. Ballmer, or let him go?

in fact, the investment community dissatisfaction with ballmer focuses on two models, one is Windows 8, 2 it is Windows Phone. But in a sense, Windows 8 is still under development, there is still the possibility of change and improvement, Windows Phone is one of the long-term development of Microsoft products, but it must be noted that, before as chief executive, Steve ballmer, Microsoft’s mobile operating system performance has been not so ideal.

ago, Microsoft often into new areas of some of it is not competitive, although there are many products did not succeed, such as Access, Microsoft Bob, NETBUI, MSX, Microsoft at Home, the Microsoft at Work, Multiplan, etc. Seems someone in blame Microsoft, said it did wrong, that do not good, but Microsoft is not like what they say is so incompetent, its Exchange Server and Office is the best evidence.

IT people often complain about the another problem is that Microsoft is doing in terms of customer service is not good enough, especially for the host backend products provide customer service.

but the problem may be out on the product itself and the lack of effective means of marketing, rather than Mr Ballmer, customer service or staff overall quality problem.

the investment community would like to see Mr. Ballmer wiped out the only reason is to let Microsoft shares of madness. You know, Microsoft’s share price is rising year by year, before the double every year. Now, its share price basically in a state of sideways, volatility in a narrow space, neither rise, also don’t fall. In this case, the investment community is difficult to earn a quick buck.

overall, Microsoft is still able to earn a lot of money, but still can’t do those things can’t do it before. It often go to buy some hot heads to the company, but after the completion of the acquisition and don’t know how to use them. Remember WebTV? Mr Ballmer may have left it outside the cloud nine.

now, users are trying to adapt to the Windows 8. Some users have with the help of the “classic” interface functions to accept it.

Microsoft will adhere to the “dumb down” in the field of mobile operating system of the strategy? I think I should not, it should get insight. In the end, the company as a whole is still in profit, just will waste a bit of cash for purchase.

when considering whether should let Mr. Ballmer to leave, investors should answer two questions, one is why make ballmer to leave, the second is who will replace him since he left.