The influence of the B2B why not lose in B2C, C2C?

in the last two years of the map of e-commerce, B2C and C2C is, by contrast, B2B is very “low key”, of course, low-key do not represent no influence, but, compared to B2C and C2C geared to the needs of hundreds of millions of Internet users, B2B only according to the characteristics of enterprises and business services, it is not easy to directly determine the most Internet users feel the charm of B2B.

so the influence of the B2B really than B2C and C2C? No.

for alibaba, two days ago is a very special day, this day is called 1688 ready for the day, on this day 1688 day trading as high as 4.19 billion.

may be a lot of people don’t know, alibaba B2B business can be divided into the domestic and foreign two parts, and 1688 is alibaba China. As is known to all, the alibaba listing in Hong Kong is a B2B business, many people in the subconscious, B2C and C2C is very suitable for China, B2B? Don’t know. By just 4.19 billion, it is not hard to see B2B at home and have a strong vitality.

more data to support this, because no other domestic large B2B platform, so we have to again use the example of 1688 — — — — — – this year on June 20, 1688. com member number above 100 million; On May 28, 1688 women’s clothing wholesale, online sales of more than 290 million, draw taobao ladies size of the order of magnitude.

this pattern, it is easy to understand, as mentioned in the women’s clothing, for example, the size of the 1688 women’s clothing size matches the taobao ladies, why? One possible explanation is that many businesses in 1688 to the manufacturers wholesale, then to sell on taobao, so the size will be very close.

this business chain determines the important role of 1688 — — — — — – through from B2B2C the complete e-commerce industry chain, in addition to alibaba, e-commerce industry without the second companies can do it.

it is important to note that since 2011, 1688 and accelerated the information interaction platform to the upgrading of online trading platform, and realize the exchange and the big taobao. In 2012 alone, nearly 1 million of taobao sellers replenish onr’s stock in 1688.

in the industry believe that taobao sellers of small, small wholesale purchasing has a large demand, due to the limitation of traditional supply channels, these sellers have to consider more competitive channel replenish onr’s stock. 1688 for taobao sellers and offline store with the rich and high quality goods, it just can realize the integration of B2B and B2C, C2C.

of course, as the links between the manufacturers and merchants, 1688 will be collected from businesses in the hands of consumers feedback, the personality of consumers demand feedback to manufacturers and promote their perfect products, produce more cater to customers high quality products.

so, day trading is only the starting point of a small, 4.19 billion future B2B will be more big, the size of day trading may even reach several times more growth. And the business from the 1688’s growth trajectory and orientation, B2B and B2C, C2C really no absolute gap, on the contrary, they may collaborate, form a complete industrial chain of e-commerce, this also is the charm of B2B why not lose in B2C, C2C.