The Indian state of maharashtra or smartphone will be a total ban on college students’ use

it is understood that in order to further crack down on Internet crime, authorities in the Indian state of maharashtra, install the jamming signal launch on campus and decoder device.

on Sunday, the Indian media had reported the proposal in detail, they point out that all college students or will be banned on campus to use smart phone with a camera. According to the university of mumbai, according to people familiar with the move by the government intended to reduce network crime.

long before this decision, the congress party had warned of higher technical education minister, existing in the university campus student participation within the territory of India is “vulgar”.

25 last month, the state of maharashtra joint education bureau chief wrote to some university presidents, collect feedback information about the proposed such authorities.

however, the authorities of the above Suggestions can only after the principals approved education institutions, to become a have the actual effect.