The importance of local data: why yahoo and apple is interested in Foursquare?

who is familiar with the mobile Internet, for Foursquare will not feel strange. The check-in service provider founded in 2009, the local information, once known as one of the most focus on startup, silicon valley giant. Competing media reported last week, the world. And a few months ago, also tried to Foursquare data integration into Apple Maps. On the outside questioned Foursquare into a dilemma when (translator note: the above dilemma refers to social networking sites such as Facebook launched similar check-in service, and has the functions such as local search, users’ declining use of Foursquare, etc.), why apple, yahoo, and other technology giants have to Foursquare frequency leer?

Internet giants darling

silicon valley tech giants have never to Foursquare lose interest. Microsoft will Foursquare data integration to Bing’s search results. Reported that Facebook social networking giant tried to $140 million acquisition of Foursquare. In addition, yahoo queen mayer is on Foursquare favor. As a colleague, vast amounts of mui was bought in 2005 Foursquare, founder and CEO Dennis Crowley (Dennis Crowley) founded the first small companies – Dodgeball.

“LTR” (translator note: mayer and crowley had maintained friendly relations. In April 2011, mayer, then work in Google, had dinner with crowley. In addition, they also are online payment site Square’s angels. Create the first company in the past is Google bought crowley Dodgeball, crowley had work at Google.

large number of local data

with 35 million users, Foursquare built huge local database, is a traditional Internet. More than 50 million local interests sharing, range from the pubs, restaurants and to the sweet shop and other consumer place of business information.

personalized, accurate local information recommendation

although Yelp (American popular review sites), and other websites can provide a more detailed local business information, but social elements make Foursquare outshine others. Based on data from the 4 billion sign in information, make Foursquare is more than just a local business listing information. In addition to the site location, it can also grasp the user’s activity time, successively travel sites, and even whether to know friends joined the user activity. For example, Yellow Pages and other traditional local application, can you tell the user Blue mountain restaurant (Blue Hill restaurant), Grom coffee ice cream shop, Washington square, and the Third Rail (Third Rail coffee) location. Foursquare, by contrast, can understand “link” between the four places: often go to the blue mountains restaurant customers, is likely to Grom ice cream for dessert after the meal; And the people walking in the park after, tend to walk into a coffee shop, a nap for a while.

of course, this is not to say that other Internet service providers, no ability to provide users with local search service. On the contrary, Internet giants such as Google, have more abundant data and technology. The irony is, however, precisely because they know too much, so we can’t in local business information, more than Foursquare. For example, the word “Pizza” into a search engine input, the user will see in the map all information about Pizza shop in a city. In the Foursquare search “Pizza”, it can provide users with the most several of the most popular Pizza shop nearby. Foursquare, in other words, is not to provide local information as much as possible, but provide local information users need the most. Crowley said in an interview: “when it comes to local search, what people thinks of the prime minister is Google and Yelp. However, those tools provided to the user are the same and redundant information. Each user received after the search, personalized result should be different from others. Because the user work depends largely on, where is the most popular places, as well as their friends have been to where information.”

open policy and the partners of mutual benefit alliance

another value of Foursquare, lies in its developer, with a third party launched a wide range of cooperative relations. By developing its own API, such as Path, Uber, sets, Vine, flickr and other platforms, nearly 50000 developers can get Foursquare local data information. Of course, as a collaborator, Foursquare also can from these platforms, get a lot of user data. As he explains: “we can’t from them and Vine, get users to share photos and video. But we can based on these data, analyze the user behavior. For instance, we can through the people to share photos, aware that the types of users in different periods of activity. As a result, Foursquare can build a global within the scope of the local information of image map. In providing users with local information at the same time, Foursquare can also affect the user’s behavior.”

let’s summarize, why giants such as apple and yahoo, would be interested in Foursquare:

, a huge local data

, a certain extent, make up for the shortage of the traditional Internet companies in the local information services

more precise local advertising market,

however, also is not perfect to Foursquare. Foursquare, for example, information on local catering more comprehensive, and in the supermarket and the dry cleaners, and other lifestyle information services, is not very full. Again for instance, the discovery of Foursquare function work in cities, while in the suburbs. In this regard, Yelp traditional Internet companies, such as a more comprehensive coverage information.

10 the arrival of the mobile Internet, local business coruscate gives greater business opportunities. On the one hand, in order to replenish their original native applications, on the other hand also to continue to expand new business areas, and apple, yahoo! And other giant Foursquare olive branch, it is not surprising.