The hype? The open recruitment of grand FF14 countries taking project director

hunting cloud network reported on October 10, 2013,

due to domestic character of embodying the ban on console, and impassable wall to the day (1500 yen) a month attire ($10) PSN connection speed and bandwidth of the interference, makes it hard for domestic players through yincui gorge (PS3) play to the original final fantasy 14 rebirth of “(hereinafter referred to as FF14).

this is a good PS4, PS3 and PC platform, in the face of FF14 international serving 340000 people online, the good shanda, agents in mid-september announced this dress, open the door for the domestic FF series diehard.

shanda games yesterday sina weibo officer, suddenly announced the clothes ready. Until now only going to urgent recruit product director of news somewhat disorder, and job requirement for the specific requirements of talents required in large and vague and vague, as if in to the players and investors every song words: “the operation team pay well, of course, is based on the game fun, point card items sold above expectations, what are you waiting for? Hurry up money/money!” .

if not hype, the grand does not set the clothes and position as well as the basic team structure and direction. PC version dress can catch before next February PS4 version FF14 sale will officially open was unknown.