The grounding gas O2O: more than a dozen square meters pancake shop 40 million valuation

in many people’s inherent thinking mode, the pancake is not on a “mesa” business, but have personal selling pancakes in the annual revenue of 5 million water, currently the only 13 seats, only a dozen square meters of business area of a pancake shop valuation is close to 40 million yuan or so, this is Huang Taiji.

the pancake shop boss called HeChang, typical entrepreneurs after 80. From the age of 22 he has experienced, where to go, Google as baidu brand management and user experience, 26 years old and legendary British advertising godfather saatchi brothers founded 4 a digital marketing company, 28, to create a digital creative company DIF. Huang Taiji is his third start a business.

relative to the first two business, doing Huang Taiji this be friends broke a lot of cold water, in the words of HeChang “in addition to my wife, I’m selling pancakes few people valued this thing”. Friends around the dissuasion HeChang can understand their heart, but, it seems to HeChang selling pancakes is a very “ground”, and the food industry and everyone is linked to industry.

from advertising to pancakes

about the source of Huang Taiji, even from the first one, this is the wife of shop-owner Huang Taiji now.

it is understood that after several times after job-hopping, HeChang particularly need to do something, but suffer from does not know the specific what to do, just then, he met now Huang Taiji owner, a real girl in tianjin, then came a commuter HeChang between Beijing and tianjin. Because the wife is the tianjin people, himself and his wife are like to eat pancakes, so start interested in pancakes in this matter.

two people discussed, decided to make a cake shop, but the store form different from traditional sense of the street shop, he hopes to overturn a pancake before impression in people’s mind, so he decided to make a pancake shop into the CBD of Beijing.

after three to four months of intense preparation, just as everything is ready at any time can be opened, but the name of the shop had not ready yet, how a catchy and memorable name, it took years of brand management HeChang hurt a lot of brains.

HeChang tells a reporter, oneself want to a lot of names, but it has never been a particularly satisfied with yourself. The name is “Huang Taiji” I dream at night dreaming that name. Because he is from Harbin manchu, manchu names as Hector selley, so he will shop called Huang Taiji, take meaning “huang taiji” meaning.

named it, then start planning for the opening. As a man without any food and beverage experience, to be on the safe side, he deliberately chose a weekend as the first day of the opening day, he vaguely remember opening day probably sold a few hundred dollars.

as everybody’s word of mouth, it was not long before the business began to fire up soon, every day at noon eat pancake line has not, our stores can carry a lot of people often to eat this for nearly half an hour in the queue, it initially a bit surprised him. But as time goes on, HeChang become used to this kind of scenario.

why did you choose a pancake as the breakthrough point of the starting my own business, HeChang has its own set of theory.

first of all, from the industry trends, HeChang think Chinese fast food has a characteristic: either too grounding, or too grounded out of breath. In addition, China as a major power diet, the children of the same year surrounded by a lot of foreign brands of fast food, this is not normal, pride of the Chinese people should have their own fast food brand.

in addition, tell from the process, China’s food relative to the burger, pizza and other western-style fast food, in the standardization process is more complicated, which to a large extent, restricted the development of Chinese fast food.

how can not only ensure the efficiency of the fast food, and can restore now eat now doing craft, and easy to carry, comprehensive consideration, after balance HeChang found a pancake is a good place to start.

weibo marketing

enterprise microblogging, or other forms of social media, to get everyone to participate in discussion topics, first must have the topic content, this topic is adhesion. While Huang Taiji, under the topic on the adhesion of sufficient kung fu. Throw some topics with adhesion to from time to time, cause everybody discussion and onlookers, such as a pancake shop into the CBD, the boss drive Mercedes pancakes, beautiful wife of shop-owner room, pancakes relativity public class, etc., it has become a lot of fans to relish topic.

in addition to the topics to be dependent, more convenient to offer diners sharing environment and atmosphere. It is hard to imagine in a seat only 13 pancake shop, also provide wireless Internet access, so do, HeChang wants for customers to create a “share” of the environment and atmosphere, let everybody quickly leave their “dining experience” share out fast, passed to his friend.

, according to the HeChang since opening Huang Taiji received about 70000 more than weibo comments, the boss HeChang every a weibo comments one by one in the first time reply, he thinks that the motivation is not only interaction, more important is heart and customer communication, rapid and timely response is a reflection of sincerity.

in addition to weibo, micro letter, public comment on platform, such as the mainstream media is also a not allow to ignore. It is reported, it is through the Beijing television station “whether gourmet map program”, to make the store more ChiKe, influence social media spread to the whole society. For marketing Huang Taiji HeChang think that often look less like marketing “marketing”, the effect of it will be better.

stick to small and beautiful

since mid 2012, Huang Taiji received numerous fans of diners, not just more attracted the attention of many investors, according to the HeChang, currently active seek to venture capital including matrix partners, business works, such as domestic numerous well-known venture capital, call every day to those who seek to join more courageously.

about asked, most HeChang has his idea: Huang Taiji do directly, do not join. So that we can better management on quality control and supervision, he wants to do the Huang Taiji brand as long.

regarding the development of the company’s future HeChang tells a reporter, Huang Taiji plans to open 5 ~ 6 stores in Beijing this year, next year will open stores in Shanghai, shenzhen and other places, if all goes well in the development of, also considered the Huang Taiji open to foreign regions such as New York, London, Melbourne, after three years in return for the next round of expansion.

Huang Taiji

he also disclosed that the future of each store menu will not identical, each store will be according to the characteristics of the different parts of the development of new features, different shops will only keep those classic products, he think it is more interesting, also let diners to different shops have different thoughts.

for Huang Taiji achievements at present, HeChang think it is unexpected, is understandable.

“conscience with good material, restore old taste”, this is Huang Taiji advocated business philosophy.

“on the materials, we insist on a organic lettuce, pure mung bean noodles, no alum freshly Fried dough sticks, the boss HeChang said. “Relative to the use of good material, in fact, we want to emphasize is this part of the ‘old taste” on the back “, pancakes, soybean curd, and Fried dough sticks, this is “the third kind” Huang Taiji’s flagship shop goods, also is the highest click rate on the diners, he wanted to infuse new life into the old taste, in be westernized Chinese fast food market to set up the new post.

a standard version of the pancake price 9.5 yuan, for this pricing HeChang has its own reason. “Pure mung bean noodles, ecological lettuce, no alum freshly Fried dough sticks which are our competitive advantage. I hope in the next 5 to 7 years, make Huang Taiji a closed loop, each link of the materials are able to supply their own, but this need to gradually achieve “HeChang said.

because do Huang Taiji, lost 35 kg HeChang three months, he admitted that at present the company one of the biggest problems is the bottleneck of management, he hope that the future both in terms of process management personnel or can more optimize and in an orderly way.

HeChang believe that over the next 30 years will be the traditional tropical year, a lot of things diluted by memory will return to the traditional, catering as well.

will be leaving for microblogging marketing and the boss of the conference on weibo launched activities

source: startup state