[the Gospel] 3 d printing technology to reshape the facial disfigurement

Eric Moger was a hotel manager, due to the cancer surgery, he lost his side face.

however, the Sydney morning herald reported recently 3 d printing false face will make Moger life back on track. Through scanning electron model, facial and construct Moger surgeons can in the computer will he face the missing parts. Then, by making use of the special machine model layers and layers of printed.

today, Moger can normal water again.

here are of the Sydney morning herald reported:

in the past, the doctor in the surgery using 3 d printing prosthesis is not uncommon, but Eric Moger the operation or surprises many people. Because, he had half a false face of 3 d printing.

four years ago, doctors removed in surgery Eric tennis large tumor in left side face. Since then, his face was left a big hole. He can’t normal diet, with only one directly leads to the stomach tube.

the operation of the specific steps is that doctors use of CT scanning and facial scanning Moger skull, then according to the scanned image in the building of a normal computer 3 d face model, finally using 3 d printing to print out model. Through the use of special nylon plastic, doctors can print out and Moger face and perfect fit and lifelike false face. Attention to detail and the revolutionary technology, even use fixed false face screw is the product of 3 d printing.

for Eric Moger, this half false face to make their life have a qualitative leap, he again to normal diet. This, of course, comforting, but more let a person look forward to the potential application of this technology. This perfect joint prosthesis can be quickly produced, and also very cheap. In addition, create 3 d printing and Eric chin false face doctor Andrew Dawood, also said he would like to develop with silica gel printing technology of the prosthesis.

now 3 d printing technology is still in the initial stage, its future development is immeasurable.

translation: tencent technology