The “good horse back to eat grass” of domestic technology company executives

recently, baidu released internal mail announced the appointment of ming-yuan li as vice-president. Makes just 29 years old ming-yuan li of baidu, the youngest vice President in history.

ming-yuan li in 2004 after the baidu, and baidu e-commerce division general manager in 2007, but poor performance in 2010, leaving switch to UC. A year later return back to baidu is responsible for the mobile products.

actually technology executives for example “grass” back a lot, and many of them have achieved very good results, hunting cloud network by collecting data to tally up what “good horse eat grass back”.

lei jun to at the helm of jinshan

now lei jun, we almost always first thought of millet, but has spent decades in kingsoft ray always, jinshan is the starting point of lei jun. CEO joining kingsoft in 1992, all the way to do it, and lead the company listed in Hong Kong. But on the market in its newly led jinshan smooth, lei jun chose to leave, jinshan, and then create millet technology. But also there are rumors that lei jun disaffection do jinshan second-in command, which using the exit pressure to kau pak kwan.

in jinshan declines gradually discarded market positions, kau pak kwan chose to launch, lei jun to replace kau pak kwan served as chairman of kingsoft office. Despite mainly focus on the millet, the direction of the transformation, business from the company for jinshan, points out the direction and invite hong-jiang zhang to govern jinshan. Nowadays, jinshan performance gradually improve, share prices are also rising. Interestingly, lei jun will also just red rice at the conference site selection in the jinshan software building, intent or is awakening the media of jinshan, let the marginalization of the jinshan back into the mainstream.

frequent job-hopping technophiles – li yinan

unlike the above a few entrepreneurs, he’s a genius, 23 years old master’s office after graduating from huawei, 27, became the youngest vice President; But at the time of his career, leave huawei, founded harbour networks; Return in 2006, huawei run away again a year later, turned to baidu chief technology officer; Less than two years, he joined the infinite – ceos. Have to say, the frequent job-hopping, no bring li yinan how much gain, but have a bit bad reaction. We can see that in the process of early fame in huawei li yinan is absolutely a genius, but perhaps because of too much focus on technology, and poor teamwork, perhaps because young, makes people more perverse, in short, now in huawei to become China and the world is very famous enterprises, li yinan is still in the wandering, we have to say, need to be careful.

playing with marketing frank xu lei

frank xu lei has 10 years of network marketing, lenovo, allyes job. In June 2007, joined the jingdong mall is responsible for the market. As belle power electric business, frank xu lei considered to be a new opportunity, chose the joining best buy in April 2011. But after more than a year, he again to return to his former club jingdong mall, and served as senior vice President.

wang music dream by former club recognition

he was alibaba business backbone, but abandon high salary and options in, selected in 2008 founded “shrimp nets” music share platform. The beginning and wang hao will persist music charge system, under the tide of the society pay more attention to the copyright. Ali group to see the development prospects of dried shrimp nets, and in 2013, on January 10th, buy shrimp nets, makes it the alibaba 25th division. After ali group, wang hao is also return to former club ali group. Even more strengthened the faith that want to make a new concept music web site.

a tangent technology executives, eat grass back also many, but the really eat grass back, and get the real success lies in the talent and the adaptation of the enterprise, the development of the enterprise concept, and so on, let’s just not to give more. Finally, don’t eat grass back a good horse eat? How to look at this horse, also see how the grass.