The giant American ISP: don’t believe in Google fiber, because the user does not need so fast speed

today, most American cable company all think that their users do not need to 1 gb of bandwidth, so they tend to see song hollow fiber such as services.

time warner Cable company CEO Irene before it as well as the National Cable communication association (National Cable & amp; Telecommunications Association chief executive Michael Powell had this kind of super bandwidth “rejected”. They think now there is no real value of the service optical fiber only Google is the “performance”.

recently, comcast (USA) is one of the largest cable communications company’s executive vice President David l. Cohen in Philadelphia information newspaper editorials, expressed his bad-mouthing another service point of view. As things stand, he thought, and development of large bandwidth or optical fiber does not make sense. Because of the existing network speed, enough to meet the needs of the network transmission and user home routers.

Cohen said that even if the service is really to need 1 gb of bandwidth, naturally there will be a competitive market. Comcast and its Internet service for today’s “Benjamin Franklin” – a great inventor, is a lifetime.

, however, is full of irony, Cohen’s comments and run counter to the idea of American consumers. In the annual U.S. consumer Satisfaction survey (American Customer Satisfaction Index survey), the Internet service provider (ISP) become second to the airlines less satisfied consumer industries. In addition, the call center of ISP service, network package business, and online video quality by the customer complain. The newspaper “best decission” comcast has “fallen off” in the satisfaction survey, only ranked 62th (a total of 100 companies).


, Cohen “user does not need so fast speed” are not alone, many elder people speak similar words: